Mother of Murdered Toddler Condemns Disturbing AI-Generated Clips Circulating on TikTok

The tragic murder of two-year-old James Bulger in 1993 continues to haunt his mother, Denise Fergus, who now condemns the circulation of “sick” AI-generated videos on social media platforms, particularly TikTok.


These clips depict an animated version of James discussing the horrifying details of his abduction and murder by two 10-year-old boys.

The Disturbing TikTok Videos:

The videos on TikTok portray animated children, including James, narrating the events of his abduction and murder.

James was brutally tortured and killed by Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who kidnapped him from a shopping center in Bootle, Merseyside.

These AI-generated videos cross a line by exploiting James’ memory and the tragic circumstances surrounding his death.


Outrage and Condemnation:

Denise Fergus, James’ mother, expressed her deep disgust at the circulating clips during an interview with The Mirror.

She described the videos as “disgusting” and was particularly upset by an avatar resembling a photo of James, which appeared to speak.

Fergus believes that using the likeness and voice of a deceased child in this manner is highly inappropriate and disrespectful to his memory and the pain suffered by his family.

Other AI-Generated Clips:

Reports reveal that these AI-generated clips were not limited to James alone.

Similar distressing videos featuring missing or murdered children like Madeleine McCann, Rhys Jones, and Peter Connelly were also shared on TikTok.


The implications of creating and disseminating such content are deeply troubling and raise concerns about the psychological impact on the families of these victims.

TikTok’s Response:

TikTok responded to the situation, stating that the videos violated their guidelines, and they promptly removed them from the platform.

A spokesperson for the social media app clarified that they do not allow synthetic media featuring the likeness of young individuals.

The removal of the content aimed to create a safer and more welcoming environment for users, protecting them from disturbing and harmful content.


The circulation of AI-generated clips featuring the likeness and voices of deceased children, including James Bulger, has rightfully sparked outrage and condemnation.


Denise Fergus’ call to take down all such content reflects the pain and anguish experienced by families who have lost loved ones to such tragic circumstances.

While TikTok’s response to remove the videos is a step in the right direction, it also highlights the responsibility of social media platforms to remain vigilant and prevent the spread of such disturbing content in the future.

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