Buckingham Palace Condemns Amazon for Selling AI-Generated Books Falsely Claiming King’s Cancer Diagnosis

Buckingham Palace Condemns Amazon for Selling AI-Generated Books Falsely Claiming King’s Cancer Diagnosis

Royal Outrage Over Invasive AI-Generated Books

Buckingham Palace expresses anger and condemnation over the sale of deceitful AI-generated books on Amazon, providing false details about King Charles’ cancer diagnosis.

The Palace calls the books ‘intrusive’ and ‘insensitive’ while asserting that legal action is under consideration.

Uncovering Sham Biographies

An investigation by The Mail On Sunday uncovers seven bogus biographies on Amazon, making baseless claims about the King’s health.

These AI-generated books breach guidelines and share fabricated narratives, including vivid descriptions of the King’s cancer diagnosis and unverified details about his treatment.

Amazon’s Role and Controversial Sales

Amazon, led by billionaire Jeff Bezos, faces criticism for hosting and profiting from the sale of these misleading texts, with the tech giant taking up to 65% of the books’ sale price.

Some books, despite being flagged, remain available for purchase on the platform.

Buckingham Palace’s Response and Legal Considerations

In an unprecedented move, Buckingham Palace issues a stern statement against the intrusive AI books, urging individuals and organizations facilitating their sale to withdraw them immediately.

Legal action is being contemplated to address the sensitive nature of the false claims.

Amazon’s Removal and AI’s Impact

After being presented with evidence by The Mail On Sunday, Amazon removes several offensive AI books but fails to disclose the identities of the unknown authors behind these deceitful narratives.

The incident highlights the potential misuse of AI technology in spreading misinformation about public figures.

Criticisms from Renowned Figures

Prominent figures, including Lord Michael Dobbs, royal biographer Hugo Vickers, and celebrated novelist Dame Margaret Drabble, criticize Amazon for selling ‘disturbing and fake’ texts that exploit the monarch’s health condition.

Calls for regulating and labeling AI-generated books are raised.

AI’s Rapid Book Creation Process

A demonstration reveals how an AI program can generate a book in under 20 minutes, using online sources to compile content.

The ease with which AI can create misleading narratives raises concerns about the responsibility and regulation of such content.

Falsified Details in AI Books

The AI-generated books about King Charles include inaccurate claims about his cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and emotional experiences.

The lack of palace confirmation and the speculative nature of these details indicate the potential involvement of AI algorithms.

Reaction from Royal Authors and Public Figures

Lord Fellowes, Dame Harriet Walter, and Margaret Holder express dismay and condemnation towards Amazon for allowing the sale of false and intrusive books, capitalizing on King Charles’ health challenges.

The impact on the Royal Family’s well-being is highlighted.

Legal Precedent and Previous Amazon Controversy

Buckingham Palace’s contemplation of legal action against Amazon echoes a previous incident where Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, threatened litigation over books falsely claiming to be his memoirs.

Amazon asserts its commitment to content guidelines but faces ongoing scrutiny.