Mother of Nurse in Mohbad Case Speaks Out: Defending Her Daughter’s Innocence

Mother of Nurse in Mohbad Case Speaks Out: Defending Her Daughter’s Innocence

A Mother’s Defense: Nurse Feyisayo’s Innocence in the Mohbad Case

In the wake of Mohbad’s tragic demise and the subsequent investigation, Mrs. Ogendegbe, the mother of Nurse Feyisayo Ogendegbe, has chosen to step forward to shed light on the events surrounding her daughter’s involvement in the case.

Nurse Feyisayo is currently under police questioning in connection with the circumstances of Mohbad’s death.

Unraveling the Mohbad Case

The Mohbad case has raised many questions, leading to the apprehension of multiple suspects, including Nurse Feyisayo, who administered an injection while responding to the late singer’s injuries.

Mother’s Vigorous Defense

In viral videos circulating online, Nurse Feyisayo’s mother has taken a strong stand to defend her daughter’s innocence and challenge the perception that she is an unqualified nurse.

Mrs. Ogendegbe emphatically asserted that her eldest daughter is a qualified nursing professional.

She outlined her daughter’s educational background, explaining that Nurse Feyisayo received her nursing training at a private hospital in Ogun and completed a year-long apprenticeship under her employer.

Importantly, she emphasized that her daughter had an impeccable record of never harming or endangering a patient’s life throughout her nursing career.

The Unprecedented Situation

Nurse Feyisayo’s mother insisted that her daughter had never crossed paths with the late singer or provided medical care to him prior to the tragic incident.

She clarified that it was Mohbad’s associate, known as “Spending,” who contacted her daughter to address Mohbad’s hand injury.

During the medical intervention, several individuals, including Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi’s younger brother, personal assistant, and a friend, were present to oversee the treatment.

Defending Nurse Feyisayo’s Professionalism

Mrs. Ogendegbe firmly stated that her daughter’s injection could not have caused Mohbad’s death, as Nurse Feyisayo is a seasoned professional in her field and has never made a critical error in her practice.

A Heartfelt Plea for Support

Expressing her outrage over her daughter’s implication in a murder case, Mrs. Ogendegbe passionately appealed to Nigerians to rally behind her family.

She emphasized that her daughter accompanied her to the police station to cooperate with the investigation into Mohbad’s passing, with the expectation of her daughter’s release following an autopsy.

However, she expressed concern over the extended duration of the autopsy, seeking understanding and support from the public.