Mohbad’s Mother Speaks Out: Claims Her Son Was Violently Killed, Points Finger at Naira Marley

Mohbad’s Mother Speaks Out: Claims Her Son Was Violently Killed, Points Finger at Naira Marley

Mohbad’s Mother Alleges Foul Play in Son’s Passing

In a poignant video circulating on social media, the mother of the late singer Mohbad has come forward to express her deep sorrow over her son’s passing.

In her emotional statement, she vehemently rejects the notion that her son’s death was a result of natural causes and instead asserts that he met a violent end.

Denial of Natural Death and Accusations

Mohbad’s mother begins her video by firmly denying any suggestions that her son’s demise was a consequence of unavoidable circumstances.

She goes on to make a striking accusation, declaring that her son was not a victim of natural causes but was killed.

Her assertion has sent shockwaves through social media as listeners grapple with the gravity of her claims.

Blaming the Influence of Naira Marley

In the heart-wrenching video, Mohbad’s mother places blame on another prominent figure in the music industry, Naira Marley.

She suggests that her son’s life took a tumultuous turn after associating with Naira Marley.

Her words imply that their connection somehow led to the tragic events that unfolded.

Fear and Sleepless Nights

The grieving mother reveals that her son had been living in constant fear and experiencing sleepless nights ever since his association with Naira Marley.

She paints a grim picture of the toll this fear took on Mohbad, impacting his ability to perform and engage in everyday activities.

A Plea for Justice and Curses

Mohbad’s mother concludes her emotional statement with a solemn plea for justice.

She forewarns those responsible for her son’s death, vowing that their homes will be troubled, and they will face curses.

She expresses her belief that the glory of the culprits’ homes will diminish due to the grave actions they committed.

Unwavering Pursuit of the Truth

Throughout the video, Mohbad’s mother passionately conveys her determination to uncover the truth surrounding her son’s death.

She recounts the moments leading up to his passing and the distressing circumstances he faced.

Her unwavering commitment to seeking justice for her son is evident as she shares her heart-wrenching story with the world.

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