Minnie Dlamini talks ‘groundbreaking’ content

Minnie Dlamini talks ‘groundbreaking’ content

Minnie Dlamini, the love of South Africa, has participated in numerous projects over the years, but she is most pleased with her production firm, Beautiful Day Productions.

Dlamini, who spent many years in front of the camera, told YouTuber Nono D on her series “InShot” that she was not afraid to get her hands filthy while attempting to understand everything about the world behind the camera.

“I’ve always desired to develop films and television programs. I believe we can influence society via art, whether it’s through controversial conversations or by enlightening a community about what’s actually happening in a given location.

“Whether I was in front of or behind the camera, this has always been my love. I recall my first steps after winning the presenter contest. I dropped out of college and had nothing to do on Friday nights but watch television.

“I chose to complete an internship with the production company that created my show. I used to rush around and get coffee for everyone, but then I told them, “Guys, I can absolutely do more…”


I ended up authoring the program’s script, booking the artists, and participating in the creative meeting to determine how the show would be run.

She stated that this was when her passion for production began.

“I began running while carrying a camera on my shoulder. Once, when we were interviewing Zola (7), he questioned me why I was behind the camera when I was supposed to be the one conducting the interview.

“I informed him that I was only an assistant today,” And I recall that it bewildered so many individuals. I had no qualms about getting my hands dirty.

Dlamini stated that she was so eager to learn that it never bothered her when people recognized her.

“I was so eager and ready to learn. And over the years, when working on various productions, I’ve always enjoyed placing my ear in areas that didn’t interest me, if only to gain a deeper grasp of the process.

Dlamini registered her production firm in 2012, but it was not until 2016 that she produced her first piece of content, the wedding special “Becoming Mrs. Jones”, which became Showmax’s most-watched program at the time.

She has continued to produce since.

“Last year, I finally had the opportunity to create two films, ‘Goodbye Gogo’ and ‘No Love Lost’. I had been itching to dip my teeth into film for quite some time. It was a truly remarkable experience.”

She explained that the organization does digital advertising for large brands such as Jaguar in addition to television broadcasts.

“We have our hands in numerous pies, attempting to make things work. I am thrilled to be working on projects I am passionate about.

How do we put ourselves on television and celebrate who we are? These are the questions that are constantly in the back of my mind as I create innovative content with everyday people.

Regarding the media’s portrayal of African women, Dlamini stated that she did not believe they were adequately portrayed.

“I believe we have a long way to go, but one thing that excites me about the place we’re in, especially on camera, is that many upcoming South African television productions include strong female leads and ensembles.

Finding wonderful roles for strong black women is a challenge in the United States, but we have them in abundance.

“I get to be a part of generating content that celebrates South African women, so I believe that we’re not quite there yet, but we’re well on our way, and we definitely own it from a global viewpoint, and who better than us on the African continent to achieve that?”

Dlamini also discussed the discontinuation of her skincare line, MD. “Things occur, you collaborate with others, and it does not always end nicely. It was a wonderful learning experience for me. “I had to learn the hard way, but I did,” she remarked.

She also revealed that she has another brand on the market that neither bears her name nor is anyone aware of her involvement with it.

“It is no longer available at the stores it was in. There is significant interest from other shops, and an announcement will be made in the coming weeks.”

She said, in reference to the legacy she would like to leave, “I looked at the ladies who walked before me; they encouraged me to be where I am… There are no time constraints, time limits, or restrictions… I want people to look at me and think, “Wow, she accomplished it! If she did it, so can I!”

“I want the next generation to be better, stronger, wealthier, and more successful because of me, because I demonstrated that it is possible, just as the women who came before me did.”

Watch the full interview below.

»Minnie Dlamini talks ‘groundbreaking’ content«

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