Ministers ‘urged’ state when they learnt about the Chinese spy.

Pressure Mounts on Ministers Over Chinese Espionage Allegations

Ministers in the UK government are facing increasing pressure to disclose when they first became aware of allegations of Chinese espionage in Westminster and how they responded to these claims.

Concerns Raised During Diplomatic Meetings

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly reportedly raised concerns about Chinese interference in UK democratic institutions during his recent visit to China, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak emphasized that he reinforced these concerns during the G20 summit.

Prime Minister’s Confrontation at G20

The arrest of a parliamentary researcher under the Official Secrets Act earlier this year prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to confront Chinese Premier Li Qiang during the G20 summit in India. Johnson expressed his displeasure over what he described as “unacceptable” interference in democracy.

Questions Surrounding Timing

Members of Parliament (MPs) have raised questions about whether it took the public revelation of the arrest, which occurred in March, for the Prime Minister to address these concerns with Chinese officials.

Ministers Avoid Specifics

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden declined to provide a detailed timeline of events in the House of Commons, stating only that the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary regularly raise issues of Chinese interference with their Chinese counterparts.

Government’s Stance on Chinese Interference

Chancellor Rishi Sunak emphasized that the UK government will not accept any interference in its democracy and parliamentary system. He also mentioned the possibility of sanctioning MPs and addressing malign activities.

Researcher Maintains Innocence

The parliamentary researcher at the center of the allegations has asserted his innocence and stressed that he has spent his career highlighting the challenges and threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Active Police Investigation

Oliver Dowden stated that he cannot provide further details on the case due to an ongoing police investigation and emphasized the government’s commitment to protecting the UK from foreign state activities that undermine national security, prosperity, and democratic values.

China Seen as a Systemic Challenge

The UK government views China as a systemic challenge to the country and its values. The government aims to address unacceptable behavior and threats posed by foreign states, as articulated by Chancellor Rishi Sunak during his meeting in New Delhi.

Call for Transparency and Justice

Families of the 9/11 victims continue to seek transparency and justice. They have called for the declassification of evidence related to Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks and compensation for victims and their families. Payouts have been delayed due to legal battles.

Concerns About the Future

Matt Bocchi, who lost his father in the 9/11 attacks, expressed concerns that over time, the memory of 9/11 may fade, and the impact of the attacks on society may diminish. He emphasized the importance of a leader who ensures the significance of the day endures.

Pressure on the Prime Minister

Pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to adopt a tougher stance towards Beijing, with some members of his party urging him to strengthen his language and actions regarding China.

Review of Security Arrangements

The allegations have prompted discussions about security arrangements, with some MPs calling for briefings on major security issues. Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle emphasized that all MPs who needed to be informed were briefed.

China’s Role as a Systemic Challenge

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss and others have highlighted China as the largest threat to freedom and democracy in the world and called for a clear-eyed approach to addressing the challenges posed by China.

Government’s Approach to Threats

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden emphasized that the government is aware of the threats facing the nation and is committed to taking robust action to address them.

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