Rishi Sunak’s North Sea Drive Sparks Fury Among Ex-Ministers, Tories Urged to Oppose Plans as PM Ignores Growing Woes

Ex-Ministers Challenge Rishi Sunak’s North Sea Agenda

Amidst mounting tensions over plans to boost oil and gas production in the North Sea, furious ex-ministers urge Conservative MPs to defy Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s strategy.

Lord Goldsmith criticized blind loyalty to a leadership with limited tenure, hinting at imminent changes in months.

Resignation Over Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

Former minister Chris Skidmore is set to confirm his resignation in protest against the move to support new oil and gas drilling.

His resignation could trigger three by-elections, following Peter Bone’s ousting over bullying allegations and Scott Benton’s efforts to combat a recall petition.

Sunak Defiant Despite Opposition

Chancellor Rishi Sunak remains resolute in his stance, emphasizing adherence to his plan during a town hall-style event in Accrington.

He underscores progress in reviving the economy and vows to persist with tax cuts while lambasting Keir Starmer’s criticisms.

Opposition to Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill

Ex-cabinet minister Alok Sharma opposes the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill, branding it a ‘smoke and mirrors’ exercise that could undermine climate action.

The legislation proposes stringent tests for new oil and gas licenses, aiming to enhance investor confidence and energy independence.

Sunak’s Vision for Tax Cuts and Economic Progress

Rishi Sunak outlines plans to cut taxes while controlling spending and welfare, highlighting the recent reduction in national insurance.

He asserts the need for fairness in tax cuts, funded by reforms to the benefits budget.

Parliamentary and Political Landscape

As Parliament reconvenes and elections draw near, the political landscape intensifies.

Sunak’s statements resonate as discussions on welfare reform, tax cuts, and economic progress become central, contrasting with opposition to oil drilling plans and concerns about the country’s future direction.

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