Married couple stages their own kidnapping in a deceptive move to extort ransom money from their relatives.

Arrest of Suspects for Staging Abductions and Extortion


The Nigerian Police Force recently made significant arrests involving individuals suspected of orchestrating fake abductions across different regions of the country.

The suspects, apprehended in Lagos, Plateau, and Abuja, were engaged in a scheme to extort money from their own family members.

This criminal activity was uncovered through a coordinated effort by law enforcement agencies.

Arrest and Investigation:

According to information released by the Nigerian Police Force, a team comprising agents from the Force’s Lagos, Abuja, and Plateau State Commands carried out the arrests.

CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, provided details on the case and the suspects involved.

Lagos Couple’s Deceptive Scheme:

The first set of suspects included a couple residing in Lagos, identified as David Yabrifa, 53, and Regina Yabrifa, 48.

The couple allegedly staged their own abduction, intending to extort a substantial ransom of N5 million from their unsuspecting relatives.

CSP Adejobi disclosed that the husband and wife confessed to planning the self-kidnapping to raise funds for purchasing property in Badagry, Lagos.

The couple’s arrest followed a report from a family member, leading to subsequent legal charges.

Plateau Resident’s Notorious Activities:
Another suspect, Albarka Sukuya from Jenta Apata, Jos, was apprehended in Plateau for repeatedly staging his own kidnapping.

He successfully extorted ransoms from unsuspecting members of the community.

The police took swift action to put an end to Sukuya’s criminal activities and prevent further deception within the Plateau State community.

Abuja Resident’s Attempted Fraud:
In Abuja, Nnamdi Agu, a young man residing around River Park Estate, attempted to defraud his own family by faking his own kidnapping.

His motive was to secure funds for personal pleasures.

The police thwarted Agu’s staged kidnapping, highlighting the vigilance and responsiveness of law enforcement in addressing such criminal acts.


The Nigerian Police Force emphasized the prevalence of individuals exploiting the current instances of kidnapping to engage in deceptive and criminal acts of self-kidnapping for financial gain.

The arrests serve as a deterrent and underscore the commitment of law enforcement to combat such fraudulent activities across the country.

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