Kim Kardashian Flaunts $400,000 Balenciaga Purse Collection in Her Lavish Hidden Hills Mansion, Addressing Backlash Over Controversial Brand Partnership Amidst Past Scandals

Kim Kardashian Unveils Balenciaga Purse Collection in Luxurious Hidden Hills Mansion Closet

Reality TV sensation Kim Kardashian showcased her extensive Balenciaga purse collection inside her $60 million Hidden Hills, California home.

The 43-year-old star modeled a black strapless corset, skintight leggings, and boots in a room adorned with packed shelves and recessed lighting.

Closet Campaign: Counting 129 Designer Bags

While revealing her collection, Kardashian shared her excitement about owning around 130 purses. In a video, she counted each bag, reaching a total of 129.

The star, a recent ambassador for the Paris-based brand, flaunted her prized possessions, each valued at approximately $3,000, totaling nearly $400,000.

Backlash Over Ambassadorship: Fans Recall Previous Brand Controversy

Kim Kardashian faced criticism from fans after announcing her partnership with Balenciaga, just one year after the brand stirred controversy with an ad featuring children and BDSM items.

Despite the backlash, Kardashian expressed enthusiasm for her long-standing relationship with Balenciaga and her role as their ambassador.

Fans Express Disappointment: Accusations of Hypocrisy and Money-Driven Choices

Disgruntled fans voiced disappointment over Kim Kardashian’s association with Balenciaga, accusing her of hypocrisy and prioritizing financial gains over moral considerations.

Some questioned her decision to represent a brand previously embroiled in child-related controversies, while others labeled her a ‘hypocrite.’

Kim Kardashian’s Statement: Defending Relationship with Balenciaga

In a statement, Kardashian defended her partnership with Balenciaga, emphasizing the brand’s embrace of modernity and craftsmanship. S

he highlighted her commitment to doing what’s right and expressed excitement about the collaboration.

The reality star acknowledged the scrutiny but asserted her trust in the brand’s accountability.

Balenciaga Scandal Recap: Bondage Bears, Child Porn Documents, and Controversial Art

Recalling Balenciaga’s previous scandal in November 2022, the brand faced backlash for a Holiday ad featuring children alongside BDSM-themed Plush Toy Bags.

The controversy escalated when critics discovered child porn documents in the background of another campaign and a book by artist Michael Borremans, known for depicting troubling images of toddlers.

Kim Kardashian’s Reflection on Scandal: Evaluating Relationship with Balenciaga

Kim Kardashian, previously shaken by the disturbing images in Balenciaga’s campaigns, reissued statements expressing concern.

She applauded the brand’s removal of the campaigns and apology, expressing her ongoing evaluation of the relationship based on the brand’s accountability and actions taken to protect children.

Post-Backlash Promotion: Kim Kardashian Models SKIMS Valentine’s Day Campaign

Undeterred by the recent backlash, Kim Kardashian shifted focus to promoting pajama sets from her SKIMS Valentine’s Day campaign on her Instagram Story.

The star, clad in pink outfits, showcased various styles inside her extensive closet, modeling the designs against the backdrop of clothes strewn across the floor.

Balenciaga and Kardashian History: From Controversial Ads to Ambassadorship

Despite past controversies, Kim Kardashian emphasized her long-standing relationship with Balenciaga, acknowledging the influence of her ex-husband Kanye West in introducing her to the fashion world.

The brand, owned by Kering, faced criticism for its previous scandalous campaigns but continues to feature Kardashian in its promotional efforts.

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