Luis Rubiales’ Mother Continues Hunger Strike Despite Pleas to Stop Amid ‘Kissgate’ Uproar

Luis Rubiales’ Mother Continues Hunger Strike Despite Pleas to Stop Amid ‘Kissgate’ Uproar

Angeles Bejar, the mother of Luis Rubiales, embarked on a hunger strike in southern Spain, taking residence inside a church.

Her protest aimed to shed light on what she perceived as the “inhuman” treatment of her son, Luis Rubiales.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the so-called “Kissgate” scandal, Bejar insisted on continuing her hunger strike “until she dropped.”

Seeking Truth and Defense of Her Son

Speaking from inside the church, Bejar expressed her desire for the truth to prevail, emphasizing her son’s integrity.

She mentioned that if Jenni Hermoso, the player involved in the World Cup kiss incident, told the truth, it could resolve the matter.

Bejar viewed the incident as a mere anecdote that had spiraled out of proportion and urged Hermoso to act in accordance with her conscience.

Son’s Concern and Bejar’s Unwavering Resolve

Luis Rubiales, her son, expressed his concern and requested that his mother discontinue her hunger strike.

However, Bejar remained steadfast in her resolve, vowing to persist until her body could no longer endure the protest.

She reassured that she was maintaining her health by consuming water, isotonic drinks, and her prescribed medication, with regular visits from a doctor confirming her well-being.

A Mother’s Determination in the Face of Controversy

Angeles Bejar’s hunger strike is a poignant display of a mother’s unwavering determination to defend her son’s reputation.

In a situation riddled with controversy and allegations, she firmly believes in Luis Rubiales’ honor and is willing to make a personal sacrifice to ensure his side of the story is heard.

The “Kissgate” scandal, involving Luis Rubiales and Jenni Hermoso, has garnered significant attention and repercussions.

FIFA’s suspension of Rubiales and the imposed restrictions on contact with Hermoso underscore the gravity of the situation.

Bejar’s hunger strike adds a personal dimension to this controversy, highlighting the emotional toll it has taken on her family.

As this story continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the profound impact that personal convictions and family bonds can have, even in the midst of high-profile controversies.

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