Luis Rubiales’ Mother Leaves Hospital, Ends Hunger Strike Amidst ‘Kissgate’ Scandal

In a surprising twist to the ongoing ‘Kissgate’ scandal involving suspended Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales, his 72-year-old mother, Angeles Bejar, who had embarked on a hunger strike as a protest, was admitted to Santa Ana Hospital in Motril near Malaga.

She was initially hospitalized on Wednesday evening after experiencing health issues during her ‘no-food’ protest, which she initiated in Divina Pastora Church on Monday.

Angeles Bejar’s Hospital Release

Late on Wednesday night, Angeles Bejar was granted permission to leave the hospital, and she was reportedly accompanied by Luis Rubiales.

However, her whereabouts on Thursday morning remained uncertain.

It is expected that she will maintain a low profile while her health is closely monitored.

Sudden Turn of Events

The sudden change of events transpired when the parish priest, Father Antonio, had originally announced that Angeles Bejar would briefly leave the church to speak publicly, only the second time since commencing her hunger strike.

However, at the scheduled departure time, Father Antonio emerged with a surprising announcement, revealing that she had been rushed to the hospital.

He explained that her condition had deteriorated significantly, and she had suffered a panic attack, experiencing feelings of anguish and dizziness.

Luis Rubiales and ‘Kissgate’

The ongoing ‘Kissgate’ scandal revolves around Luis Rubiales, who kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips following Spain’s victory over England in the Women’s World Cup final a little over a week ago.

The controversy escalated when Jenni Hermoso refuted Rubiales’ claims that the kiss was consensual, leading to his provisional FIFA suspension and widespread condemnation from the football community.

In response, Angeles Bejar initiated her hunger strike to seek justice for her son, imploring Jenni Hermoso to “tell the truth” about the incident.

Angeles Bejar’s Determination

Angeles Bejar’s determination to seek justice for her son was evident as she expressed her readiness to continue her hunger strike, even at the cost of her life.

She maintained her belief in her son’s honesty and appealed to Jenni Hermoso’s conscience to reveal the truth about the situation.


The unfolding events surrounding ‘Kissgate’ and the involvement of Luis Rubiales’ mother have added layers of complexity to an already controversial situation.

While Angeles Bejar’s hunger strike may have garnered attention and sympathy, it also raises concerns about her health and well-being.

The ‘Kissgate’ scandal continues to be a source of debate within the football world, and the outcome of this ongoing saga remains uncertain.

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