‘It’s complicated’: Karine Jean-Pierre avoids a query about Biden’s opinion of allowing biological men to participate in female sports.

‘It’s complicated’: Karine Jean-Pierre avoids a query about Biden’s opinion of allowing biological men to participate in female sports.

Karine says, “It’s complicated.” Jean-Pierre avoids a query about Biden’s opinion of allowing biological men to participate in female sports.Regarding biological guys participating in women’s sports, a reporter questionedIt’s “complicated,” according to Jean-Pierre, and there are “a range of views.”By Geoff Earle, Dailymail.com’s deputy U.S. political editor 29 August 2023 16:15 Eastern Daylight Time

On Tuesday, there were issues in the White House briefing area.In the midst of a heated discussion over transgender sports laws, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged the question of whether President Joe Biden believes biological males should be able to compete against female athletes. Instead, she kept referring to the situation as “complicated” and making the obvious point that there were other points of view.She responded in one of numerous ways, without taking a clear stance: “It’s a complicated issue.”

She was questioned regarding Nikki Haley, a former Republican governor of South Carolina who has made transgender athletes’ involvement in sports a campaign issue. Regarding Haley’s claim that “the idea that we have biological boys playing in girls sports, it is the women’s issue of our time,” she was questioned about if Biden concurred. “So, we’ve discussed this extensively… It’s a challenging problem. Speaking on the Education Department’s policies that allow for flexibility in the creation of athletics policies, she stated that there are a variety of viewpoints.Whe n a reporter questioned Biden if he thought it was fair for girls to compete with biological men, she pointed to his grandchildren. She snapped, “I just answered the question.”‘It is a challenging problem. It is a problem that is really intricate and has many different points of view. The answer to this is neither yes nor no. It is challenging.

We’re going to let the Department of Education’s proposed rule go through its current procedure. And once more, we want to ensure that, in addition to establishing bound [guard] rails with this rule, we also work to stop discrimination against transgender children. Once more, a tricky situation, she said. She was referring to a government regulation that forbids outright discrimination against transgender athletes but permits restrictions in schools that receive federal Title IX funds.

She responded to a topic that made headlines and occasionally divided schools and athletes against one another with a complex statement. Lia Thomas, a swimmer who spent three years competing for the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s team before transitioning and coming out as transgender woman, brought the matter to light. She defeated female competitors to win the 500 meter freestyle at the NCAA Women’s Division I Championships in 2022.

Haley received criticism in June for asserting a connection between the surge in teen suicides and transgender athletes.”My daughter competed in high school track.” She remarked in a CNN town hall, “I don’t even know how I would have that talk with her. How are we expected to prepare our female athletes for the presence of biological males in their locker rooms? Then we question why a third of our adolescent females gave suicide serious consideration in the previous year. Girls should be developing into strong, self-assured women.

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