Community Crisis: Barclays Under Fire for Closing Accounts of Parish Councils and Charities

The Choir’s Dilemma: Barclays Shuts 40-Year-Old Account Without Explanation

Ogmore Valley Male Voice Choir, a long-standing Barclays customer with a 40-year history, found itself in a perplexing situation when the bank abruptly closed all three of its accounts.

The choir’s chairman received a startling call from Barclays, notifying him of the closure mere hours after he had deposited funds.

Despite being regular customers with a positive account history, Barclays provided no explanation, leaving the choir in a precarious position.

Project 62 and Others: Know Your Customer Woes and Threats of Closure

Project 62, an organization dedicated to steam locomotive restoration, also faced issues with Barclays. Threats of closure loomed after the treasurer received letters about the necessity to discuss ‘business details.’

Despite efforts to communicate with Barclays, the organization continued receiving warnings, leading to concerns about the legitimacy of the bank’s actions. Other organizations, including a ‘good neighbour group’ and a small parish council, shared similar experiences of account restrictions and threats of closure.

Barclays Responds: Reopening Choir’s Account and Clarifying Actions

In response to the growing concerns, Barclays confirmed that Ogmore Valley Male Voice Choir’s account would be reopened, and other affected accounts would no longer face restrictions or imminent closure.

The bank defended its actions, citing the need for updated information on business accounts as part of its regulatory obligations.

However, the affected organizations raised questions about the bank’s communication methods and the treatment of non-profit entities as if they were business accounts.

Community Outcry: Barclays Faces Criticism for Handling of Account Closures

The unfolding situation has sparked a broader conversation about Barclays’ treatment of community groups and non-profits, with accusations of bullying behavior and inadequate communication.

The bank’s insistence on ‘know your customer’ checks has left many organizations in distress, highlighting the challenges faced by small entities that do not fit the typical business account model.

As the outcry continues, Barclays finds itself under scrutiny for the impact of its actions on the very communities it claims to support.

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