Lily James claims she was left “s***” after playing Pamela Anderson

Lily James claims she was left “s***” after playing Pamela Anderson

After acting as Pamela Anderson, actress Lily James alleges she was left to “s***” and a “wreck.”

According to, the 33-year-old actress was worn out by her method of acting while portraying the 55-year-old “Baywatch” star in the television series “Pam & Tommy,” which followed Anderson’s turbulent relationship with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, 59, who was played by 40-year-old actor Sebastian Stan.

While shooting, James blamed losing “plenty of jobs” for which she had auditioned on keeping in character, speaking to people in Anderson’s voice, even her mother.

It was such a botched procedure. Simply practice patience with yourself. The hours are quite long, and you’re exhausted. Your nervous system is basically shot.

According to the actress, who was reported by The Mirror, “I felt like a complete mess by the end of it.”

British-born Allen continued, saying: “The contrast from myself to her was too severe to move back and forth. I felt like I had to remain in character.

Therefore, I was forced to spend the most of my time in this Lily/Pamela no man’s land. I could easily adopt her voice.

“I would be American even when I went out to eat and placed my order with the waiter or called my mother on the phone. I believe I’ve lost a lot of jobs because I consistently sound like Pamela during interviews.

As she described how she spent four hours every day doing her makeup to become Anderson, which included getting a prosthetic body suit fitted, she said: “Of course, there was the physical metamorphosis.

Our amazing crew gradually achieved a balance in which I looked like Pamela while also feeling like I could act in it.

“I have never previously done something where I have a completely different appearance from myself. And I really want to keep going in this direction since I found it to be really liberating and empowering.

“That inspired a certain amount of fearlessness. a bravery that resulted from… vanishing.

The focus of “Pam & Tommy” is the sex video controversy that ensnared Anderson and Lee. Rand Gauthier, portrayed by Seth Rogen, 40, in the program, took the film after Lee allegedly failed to pay him for work he had done on their property.

According to Anderson, the film was a collection of images from their vacation that also featured sexual behaviors rather than a sex tape.

»Lily James claims she was left “s***” after playing Pamela Anderson«

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