Level Up Housemates deliver on drama, tensions, emotions and straight-up entertainment

Level Up Housemates deliver on drama, tensions, emotions and straight-up entertainment

The Level Up Housemates didn’t disappoint when it came to drama, conflict, feelings, and pure entertainment. It’s safe to say that the Housemates handled this week with ease, especially after the curveball that Big Brother threw at The Housemates, viewers, and both during last Sunday’s Live Eviction Show.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 Housemates swiftly got into their routine of bonding and getting to know each other better when Deji and Modella entered their respective Houses. Few people anticipated the relationship between Daniella and Khalid. The two were spotted cuddling up to one other in bed before Sunday’s Eviction Diary Sessions and once more after nightfall.

The relief of our housemates not having been kicked out the previous night was short-lived because of the upcoming Head of House games on Monday. Big Brother provided briefs for the Weekly Wager Task to both Levels prior to the commencement of the games. In honor of the world’s greatest athletes, housemates were to invent a special sport.

The HoH competitions got underway later that evening. Both Levels competed for the coveted HoH title, but Hermes triumphed, giving Dotun and Chichi each the dreadful title of Tail of House.

Hermes was given the opportunity to nominate Level 2 Housemates as a result of his victory. He listed each Housemate’s justification for his nomination, including Amaka, Christy O, Cyph, Khalid, and Phyna. In a meeting that some found to be sad, Big Brother went to Level 2 to reveal who the Nominated Level 2 Housemates were.

After the HoH games and nominations, the following day was laid-back. The Nominated Housemates explained to Big Brother during their diary sessions why they believed they were targeted for eviction. Cyph, Khalid, and Phyna are convinced that it’s because they constituted a threat throughout the game, but Amaka and Christy O have no idea why their names were mentioned.

According to Bryann’s Eviction Diary Session Day 8: BBNaija, Level 2 has Eviction Diary Sessions

The girls of Level 1 were unable to conceal their admiration for the fictitious housemate Deji. The majority of the women in the house were literally surrounding the Lagosian on Wednesday night as he prepared dinner. The way Housemates like Allysyn clung to his every word and even denied knowing Cyph from Level 2 well despite having kissed him made it appear like an innocent get-to-know-him session.

Housemates found time to develop particular ties with their chosen Housemates despite the demands of getting to know their new Housemates, competing for HoH, planning their strategy to survive the Game, and refining their Weekly Wager Task. The Pool Party, which Level 2 Housemates had the privilege of attending this week, served to further solidify this.

Aside from Khalid and Daniella, Beauty and Groovy were also seen attempting to further their bond. Bella and Sheggz appeared to locate one another. Doyin demonstrated that levels do not matter when it comes to attraction when Eloswag and Chomzy found themselves in a “throuple” with Phyna and Cyph.

It was Friday and the Weekly Wager Presentation was upon the Housemates in what felt like the blink of an eye. The day was spent honing the sport that both Levels produced. Of course, there were breaks in the action where Deji would subtly reveal to Doyin which member of the House he prefers.

Both Levels entered the Arena for the Weekly Wager Presentation to compete, and they did so. The first level up introduced “bumball” with commentators, Adekunle, and Hermes. Soon after Level 1 was over, Cyph stood up to introduce Level 2. He gave a brief explanation of the sport’s rules, including the fact that it must be played in teams and that only one person can win—in the end, Groovy—only that person.

Big Brother instructed Khalid, Amaka, Daniella, and Beauty to stand up after each presentation. He forbade them from talking over one another, using the microphone improperly, and skipping the morning exercises. After declaring Level 1 the winners of the Weekly Wager Sports Presentations, Biggie announced that each Level 1 Housemate will receive 1500 Pocket Naira to utilize for shopping the following week.

Instantaneously, the week was almost finished. not until the eagerly awaited Saturday Night Party. The Housemates demonstrated that it wasn’t just about vibes but also about fashion. It was difficult to single out a single moment as the greatest of the evening, but for some Housemates, it had to be witnessing the reunion of the two Levels.

As the Housemates danced to DJ Caise’s music, couples formed. It was difficult for the Housemates to part ways when the evening came to an end, but for the Nominated Housemates, Amaka, Christy O, Cyph, Daniella, Khalid, and Ilebaye, the evening was undoubtedly bittersweet.

»Level Up Housemates deliver on drama, tensions, emotions and straight-up entertainment«

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