Construction Industry Drama – Nonku Williams Claims RD Scammed Her Out of R300,000 Worth of Material

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Nonku Williams found herself entangled in controversy when her ex-partner, Dumisani “RD” Ndlazi, faced accusations of stealing from her.

Reports initially surfaced about the businessman’s alleged financial misconduct after their breakup.

Confirmation on RHOD: Nonku Speaks Out

RHOD Star Nonku Alleges RD Scammed Her

During the fourth season of RHOD, Nonku Williams addressed the allegations, asserting that RD had indeed stolen material from her company.

Nonku disclosed this revelation to her sister on the show, stating that RD had scammed her by taking materials worth R300,000 from the company.

Behind-the-Scenes Business Dynamics

According to sources, Nonku initiated legal action against RD, citing a case of alleged scamming.

The couple reportedly ventured into business together just one month into their romantic relationship.

Nonku entrusted RD with a leadership role in one of her major companies, and the alleged scam unfolded when he purportedly abused this position, exploiting his access to suppliers introduced by Nonku.

RD’s Public Denial and Counterclaims

RD Denies Swindling Allegations

In June, RD took to Instagram Live to vehemently deny the accusations of scamming Nonku.

He asserted that he never scammed her and refuted claims of taking any money from her.

RD presented himself as a provider in the relationship, countering the narrative that he had financially exploited Nonku.

In another video, RD addressed his alleged debt for vehicles used in Nonku’s projects, emphasizing his financial contributions to support her ventures.

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