Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Struggles of Single Parenthood in Candid Interview

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Struggles of Single Parenthood in Candid Interview

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. Kim Kardashian recently spoke candidly about the struggles she faces as a single parent in an interview with author and life coach Jay Shetty on his podcast, On Purpose With Jay Shetty.


She revealed that she sometimes finds herself “crying herself to sleep” at night.

Navigating Parenthood Alone

The 42-year-old American socialite shares four children with her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West, from whom she officially divorced last year after seven years of marriage.

Kim acknowledged that parenting has been the most challenging aspect of her life and has taught her a lot about herself.

She mentioned the various moods and personalities of her children, confessing that there are nights when she feels overwhelmed.

The Challenges of Solo Parenting

Kim discussed the difficulties of raising her children as a single parent, taking on the roles of both the good cop and the bad cop.

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She admitted that it is a challenge to handle everything on her own and mentioned her efforts to become firmer in her parenting approach.


Kim emphasized that no amount of preparation or financial stability can truly prepare someone for the reality of parenthood.

Motherhood’s Rewards and Chaos

Despite the challenges, Kim described motherhood as “madness” but also the “best chaos” and the most challenging yet rewarding job on the planet.

She expressed her pride in being a mother and encouraged other parents to feel the same sense of accomplishment after getting through each day.

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Sharing the Honest Conversation

Kim took to her Twitter account to share her appreciation for the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation on Jay Shetty’s podcast.

She expressed gratitude to Jay for providing a safe space for her to discuss her personal life and the challenges she faces.

Kim also invited her fans to tune in to the podcast episode, where she discusses parenthood, navigating through life’s ups and downs, and her pursuit of finding her true purpose.


Kim Kardashian’s interview sheds light on the realities of single parenthood and the emotional struggles that come with it.

Her honest and relatable conversation with Jay Shetty provides insight into the joys, challenges, and personal growth that parenting brings.


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