BBC Presenter Naga Munchetty Reveals Agonizing Battle with Adenomyosis: ‘Screaming in Pain’

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. BBC presenter Naga Munchetty has bravely shared her experience of living with adenomyosis, a debilitating health condition.


In her own words, she describes the constant and excruciating pain she endures on a daily basis.

Living with Adenomyosis: A Persistent Battle

Adenomyosis is a condition characterized by the embedding of the womb’s lining into its muscular wall.

During her BBC Radio 5 Live show, Munchetty revealed that she is in a state of perpetual discomfort, experiencing nagging pain in her uterus and pelvis as she speaks.

The Unbearable Pain: A Cry for Help

Munchetty disclosed a harrowing incident in which her agony became so overwhelming that her husband had to call an ambulance during the night.

She endured 45 minutes of non-stop screaming, underscoring the severity of her condition.

The pain sometimes radiates down her thighs and persists throughout her show and the rest of her day until she finds respite in sleep.


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The nature of the pain also varies, transitioning from a persistent ache to stabbing sensations that momentarily take her breath away.

A Nightmarish Weekend: Seeking Emergency Assistance

Over the weekend, Munchetty experienced an episode of excruciating pain following her visit to the theater.

The agony was so intense that she could barely make it from her car to her front door without her husband’s assistance.

Paralyzed by the unbearable pain, she screamed continuously for 45 minutes.

Although she eventually managed to sleep, the pain returned with even greater intensity during the night, prompting her husband to call an ambulance.

By the time they responded, the pain had subsided slightly, but its severity was indescribable.

A Long Overdue Diagnosis: Adenomyosis Uncovered

Munchetty shared that she received her adenomyosis diagnosis eight months ago, although confirmation would require the removal and examination of her uterus.

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Despite her condition, she has opted against a hysterectomy.


This diagnosis came after years of enduring excruciatingly painful and heavy periods that caused her to faint, sweat, cry, and curl up in agony.

Recounting her teenage years, Munchetty described being doubled over in pain and vomiting during her periods, enduring 10-day cycles every three weeks.

Despite repeatedly expressing her concerns to doctors, she was often dismissed as simply unlucky, without any further investigation.

A Shared Struggle: Voices of Other Women

Munchetty used her show on BBC Radio 5 Live as a platform to shed light on the experiences of other women living with adenomyosis.

One mother shared how her daughter refrains from asking to play with her, aware that her mother’s pain prevents her from engaging in such activities.


Naga Munchetty’s candid account of her battle with adenomyosis brings attention to the excruciating pain and challenges faced by individuals living with this condition.

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By sharing her story and providing a platform for others, Munchetty aims to raise awareness and foster understanding for those affected by adenomyosis.

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