Embracing Single Parenthood – Korra Obidi’s Ex-Husband, Justin Dean, Shares Insights on Being a Single Dad

Embracing Single Parenthood – Korra Obidi’s Ex-Husband, Justin Dean, Shares Insights on Being a Single Dad

Justin Dean, the ex-husband of popular dancer Korra Obidi, recently opened up about his experience as a single dad during an Instagram interview with Daddy Freeze.

The chiropractor shared his perspective on navigating life as a single parent in the United States and how this new chapter has unexpectedly influenced his approach to dating.

Discovering Ease in Single Parenthood:

Despite the common perception that being a single parent might pose challenges, Justin Dean expressed his genuine enjoyment of the role.

Contrary to his initial expectations, he found that being a single dad made certain aspects of his life, particularly dating, more straightforward and accessible.

Justin attributed this newfound ease to the apparent attraction women have towards single fathers.

Unexpected Dating Dynamics:

Justin acknowledged that he had anticipated that his single dad status would complicate the dating scene.

However, he discovered that women, in general, are drawn to the responsibility and family-oriented nature associated with single fathers.

This revelation has not only altered his perspective on dating but has also provided him with a unique vantage point in the realm of relationships.

Focused and Family-Oriented:

The ex-husband of Korra Obidi revealed that embracing single parenthood has instilled in him a heightened sense of focus and dedication to family values.

Justin emphasized that his commitment to his family has driven him to work diligently every day.

This newfound perspective highlights the transformative power of single parenthood in shaping one’s priorities and fostering a stronger connection to familial responsibilities.

Social Media Reactions:

Social media users chimed in with their reactions to Justin Dean’s revelations.

Some users humorously commented on the nuances of the interview, while others expressed their agreement with Justin’s perspective.

The engagement from the audience reflects the broader societal conversations around the dynamics of single parenthood and how individuals navigate relationships in the modern world.


Justin Dean’s candid insights into the benefits of being a single dad shed light on the evolving perceptions surrounding single parenthood.

His experience not only challenges stereotypes but also underscores the idea that unconventional family structures can lead to unexpected joys and opportunities, both in personal growth and in the realm of relationships.

Justin Dean’s openness about the positive aspects of single parenthood adds a refreshing perspective to the narrative.

It’s evident that societal norms and expectations around family dynamics are evolving, allowing individuals like Justin to embrace and find fulfillment in non-traditional roles.

This interview provides a glimpse into the changing dynamics of relationships and parenting, encouraging a more inclusive and understanding conversation about the diverse ways people experience family life.

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