Fashion Controversy: Kim Kardashian Accused of Copying Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress in SKIMS Collection

Fashion Controversy: Kim Kardashian Accused of Copying Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress in SKIMS Collection

Fashion Controversy Unleashed: Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Collection Under Fire

Kim Kardashian is facing intense scrutiny from fans who accuse her of “ripping off” Marilyn Monroe’s iconic golden dress in her latest SKIMS collection.

The reality star, known for her fashion ventures, has come under fire for releasing a line of clothes that appears to draw inspiration from Monroe’s historic dress, famously worn when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962.

SKIMS x Swarovski: Kim’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired Dress Raises Eyebrows

In her latest SKIMS collection, Kim Kardashian has introduced the SKIMS x Swarovski crystal-embellished stretch-woven maxi dress, priced at £180.

The dress, resembling Monroe’s iconic look, has sparked controversy, with some fans expressing disappointment and accusing Kim of creating a duplicate outfit.

Social Media Backlash: Fans Take to Reddit to Voice Disapproval

Critics didn’t hold back, taking their grievances to the social media platform Reddit to discuss what they perceive as a copycat move by Kim Kardashian.

Some users expressed their discontent, with one stating, “Kim is selling a Skims version of the Marilyn dress?! Pls can we discuss,” and providing a link to a Vogue article on the matter.

Legal Threats and Outrage: Fans React to Alleged Duplication

Among the criticisms, some fans hinted at potential legal action, with one person suggesting, “If I handled MM’s estate – I’d sue the dog sh*t out of her.”

The backlash highlights the emotional attachment fans have to Marilyn Monroe’s legacy and their disapproval of what they perceive as an attempt to profit from Monroe’s image.

Quality Critique: Fans Slam Dress as “Ugly” and Fabric as “Awful”

While some critiques focus on the alleged duplication, others turned their attention to the quality of the SKIMS dress.

Fans voiced their dissatisfaction, describing the dress as “ugly” and the fabric as “awful,” contributing to the overall negative reception of Kim Kardashian’s latest fashion release.

History of Controversy: Kim’s Previous Met Gala Dress “Damage”

The controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS dress release also brings attention to the history of her previous Met Gala appearance, where she wore a dress similar to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic gown.

Fans reference the perceived “damage” Kim caused to the dress during the event and her response, denying any harm.

Kim’s Commitment to Fashion: Losing 16 Pounds for the Iconic Dress

Kim Kardashian’s commitment to fashion is evident in her past statements about the Met Gala dress. She revealed that she had to lose 16 pounds to fit into the outfit, describing the process as a significant challenge akin to preparing for a movie role