Big Brother Star Hallie Clarke Rejects Claims of Contestants Copying Iconic Housemates

Hallie Clarke Refutes Claims of Copying Housemates

Hallie Clarke, a recent evictee from the 2023 series of Big Brother, has pushed back against allegations that contestants on the show are imitating iconic former housemates to gain popularity and airtime.

Imogen Thomas’ Remarks and Viewer Reactions

The controversy began when former Big Brother 7 housemate Imogen Thomas suggested that Hallie and fellow contestant Kerry were attempting to mimic the late Nikki Grahame, a beloved former housemate.

Imogen noted that such imitations come across as inauthentic, particularly when compared to Nikki’s natural behavior.

Social Media Echoes Similar Sentiments

Imogen’s claims were not isolated, as viewers on social media also pointed out similarities between Kerry Riches, who was recently evicted, and reality TV personality Gemma Collins.

This led to discussions about whether certain contestants were trying to replicate the personalities of past reality TV legends.

Hallie Clarke’s Rebuttal

Hallie Clarke, however, vehemently denies these copycat claims, asserting that each contestant is their unique individual.

She emphasizes that the moments in the Big Brother house are unscripted and genuine, making it unlikely for contestants to intentionally imitate previous housemates.

Individuality in the Big Brother House

Hallie highlights the diverse personalities within the house, where individuals express themselves genuinely.

She believes that in the heat of the moment, when contestants are sharing laughs, jokes, or venting their frustrations, the idea of emulating other housemates is far from their minds.

Kerry Riches and the Gemma Collins Comparison

Regarding Kerry Riches being compared to Gemma Collins, Hallie suggests that such comparisons may arise due to both being from Essex rather than an intentional effort to imitate.

She underlines that Gemma Collins is an iconic figure who cannot be replicated.

Hallie’s Favorites and Hope for the Winner

As the series approaches its conclusion with a £100,000 prize at stake, Hallie shares her preference for the winner.

She expresses her support for Yinrun Huang, citing her as a kind-hearted and pure contestant who deserves the victory.

Hallie’s hope is that Yinrun can use the prize to reunite with her parents, given the challenges she has faced living in the UK.

Big Brother’s Broadcast

Big Brother continues its broadcast schedule on ITV2 and ITVX, with episodes airing from Sunday to Thursday at 9 pm, followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10 pm.


The article highlights the ongoing debates surrounding Big Brother contestants allegedly emulating past housemates, with Hallie Clarke offering a strong rebuttal to these claims while expressing her support for a fellow contestant.

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