Kano State Governor Initiates Bold Reforms: Public Welfare and Restoration of Properties at the Forefront

Kano State Governor Initiates Bold Reforms: Public Welfare and Restoration of Properties at the Forefront

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. In a series of decisive actions, Kano State Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, has embarked on a comprehensive reform agenda aimed at restoring public properties and improving the well-being of the state’s residents.


One notable action includes the revocation of the sale of the Hasiya Bayero Pediatric Hospital, a medical center dedicated to the care of children and women.

The hospital, allegedly sold by the previous administration, is now set to undergo renovation and reopening, ensuring essential healthcare services for the state’s most vulnerable population.

Decisive Action in Public Administration

Governor Yusuf has also taken decisive action in the realm of public administration.

He has replaced 44 Centre officers who were coordinating the 2023 Hajj exercise in their respective local government areas with interim officers.

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This move aims to enhance the coordination and efficiency of Hajj operations within the state.

Demolition of Illegal Structures and Construction Halt in Hajj Camp Area

The governor’s reform agenda extends to the urban landscape as well.


He has initiated the demolition of structures believed to be illegally erected on government properties.

This includes a building in the racecourse area by Filing Sukuwa, Nasarawa GRA, which housed 90 shops.

Additionally, the governor has ordered an immediate halt to construction activities in the Hajj camp area by developers.

Ban on Indiscriminate Outdoor Advertising and Pasting of Posters

To maintain cleanliness and the aesthetic appeal of the state, the Kano State Government has enforced a ban on indiscriminate outdoor advertising and pasting of posters on public and private buildings.

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A task force has been established to ensure compliance with this directive.

Mixed Reactions and Governor’s Resolute Commitment

Governor Yusuf’s actions have garnered mixed reactions.

While some commend his efforts to restore public properties and enhance public welfare, others express caution regarding the potential misuse of his office for personal vendettas.

Despite the criticisms, the governor remains resolute in his commitment to the welfare of Kano’s residents.


He emphasizes that his administration will persist until every corner of the state is free from criminal activities and political thuggery, ensuring safety and fostering an environment conducive to peace and development.

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A Promising Future for Kano State

Governor Yusuf’s sweeping reforms signify a new dawn for Kano State.

His firm stance against illegality and unwavering commitment to public welfare provide promising signs of a brighter future for the state and its residents.

The restoration of public properties, efficient public administration, urban revitalization, and a focus on safety and development all contribute to the overall well-being of Kano’s residents and pave the way for progress in the state.


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