Fugitive Rape Suspect’s Extradition Appeal Denied, Judges Reject Delay Tactics

Fugitive Rape Suspect’s Extradition Appeal Denied, Judges Reject Delay Tactics

Background: Nicholas Rossi’s Extradition Battle

Nicholas Rossi, 36, currently facing charges of allegedly raping a 21-year-old in Utah in 2008, has encountered a setback in his efforts to delay extradition to the United States.

The fugitive lodged an appeal against the extradition order, which was heard in Edinburgh on Thursday.

Rejection of Preliminary Motions

Representing himself in court, Rossi put forth several preliminary motions, one of which sought an extension to his appeal period for presenting new evidence.

He also requested bail and urged the court to impose restrictions on media reporting. However, the judges, including Lady Dorrian, rejected each of these motions.

Identity Dispute: Rossi’s Claim of Mistaken Identity

Despite a sheriff’s ruling affirming his identity, Rossi persists in claiming he is an Irish orphan named Arthur Knight, citing mistaken identity.

This claim emerged after Rossi fell ill with Covid-19 in December 2021 and was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

Lady Dorrian’s Response and Court Proceedings

Lady Dorrian rebuked Rossi in court, emphasizing that his identity had been established through prior proceedings, and she will refer to him by the name Nicholas Rossi.

The judges, including Lord Malcolm and Lord Armstrong, maintained that the High Court is not the appropriate venue for considering new evidence or granting bail.

Submission Challenges and Future Proceedings

Rossi, unsatisfied with his legal representation in earlier proceedings, stated that it contributed to his previous court loss. Despite this, Lady Dorrian expects Rossi to complete his appeal submission to the court later on Thursday.