Rotten Tomatoes Unveils the Top 10 TV Shows of 2023

Rotten Tomatoes Unveils the Top 10 TV Shows of 2023

Introduction: A Recap of TV Highlights Despite Industry Strikes

In a challenging year for television marked by WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Rotten Tomatoes has compiled a list of the top 10 TV shows of 2023 based on positive reviews.

Despite industry setbacks, these series captivated audiences, offering compelling narratives across various genres.

Rotten Tomatoes’ Selection Criteria: Certified Fresh Series

Rotten Tomatoes employs its Tomatometer system, evaluating critic and audience ratings to determine the Certified Fresh status for TV series.

Any show above 75% with at least 20 reviews receives this distinction. The top 10 list comprises shows from 2023 with a 100% rating and the most positive critic reviews, showcasing the cream of the crop.

Shifting Trends: Evolution of Top Series Throughout the Year

The article highlights the dynamic nature of the top 10 list, with shows like “The Last of Us,” “Poker Face,” and “Shrinking” initially leading but later replaced by others. The featured series range from new premieres to fourth seasons, reflecting the diversity of offerings throughout the year.

Countdown of the Top 10 TV Shows in 2023

  1. “Happy Valley” Resurgence: Season Three Takes the Crown
    • Overview of the revival of “Happy Valley” for its third season in 2023, earning a 100% critic score and 42 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
    • Recap of the series’ premise and Catherine Cawood’s compelling character.
  2. “A Small Light”: Anne Frank’s Story with a Unique Perspective
    • Introduction to the miniseries “A Small Light,” narrating the story of Miep Gies and her role in sheltering Anne Frank.
    • Emphasis on the show’s 100% critic score and positive reviews.
  3. “Reservation Dogs”: Consistent Excellence Earns Third Place
    • Recognition of “Reservation Dogs” securing the third spot with a 100% critic rating from 33 reviews and an 88% audience score.
    • Overview of the series’ plot and the decision to conclude with season three.
  4. “Foundation”: Redemption in Season Two
    • Discussion of “Foundation” returning for its second season with a perfect 100% rating, redeeming its initial score of 72% in the first season.
    • Overview of the series’ adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s novel and critical acclaim for the improved second season.
  5. “Drops of God”: Apple TV+ Delivers with Unique Plot
    • Introduction to Apple TV+’s “Drops of God,” earning a 100% critic score and 25 reviews.
    • Highlighting the series’ plot centered around Camille Leger and her inheritance challenges.
  6. “Cunk on Earth”: Mockumentary Comedy’s Success
    • Overview of the unique history mockumentary “Cunk on Earth,” landing at number six with a 100% critic score and 23 reviews.
    • Discussion of Philomena Cunk’s comical exploration of Earth’s evolution.
  7. “Primo”: Freevee TV Success with Authenticity
    • Recognition of “Primo” proving Freevee TV’s potential, premiering with a 100% rating and a 97% audience score.
    • Commentary on the show’s success attributed to authenticity and diverse representation.
  8. “The Other Two”: Comedy Climax in Season Three
    • Discussion of “The Other Two” season three earning a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score from 22 reviewers.
    • Reflection on the creators’ decision to conclude the series and the darker turn in the final season.
  9. “Deadloch”: Crime Parody Triumphs in 2023
    • Introduction to “Deadloch,” a new series in 2023, premiering with a 100% critic score and 21 reviews.
    • Overview of the crime parody’s success, focusing on detectives Dulcie Collins and Eddie Redcliffe.
  10. “For All Mankind”: Apple TV+ Series Takes the Tenth Spot
    • Highlighting “For All Mankind” season four securing the tenth spot with a 100% critic score and 21 reviews.
    • Overview of the series exploring an alternate space race timeline.

Conclusion: A Year of Outstanding TV Despite Challenges

The article concludes by acknowledging the resilience of the TV industry in 2023, with these top 10 series standing out as beacons of quality entertainment despite the challenges faced throughout the year.