Jazmin Grimaldi Shares Heartwarming Childhood Memories on Brother’s 20th Birthday

Jazmin Grimaldi Shares Heartwarming Childhood Memories on Brother’s 20th Birthday

Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, Prince Albert’s son, celebrated his 20th birthday in the company of his family members.

The special occasion was attended by his father, Prince Albert, his mother, Nicole Coste, and his half-sister Jazmin.

The family gathered for a meal to mark this milestone, which brought them together for an intimate celebration.

Sweet Memories Shared

Jazmin Grimaldi, Prince Albert’s eldest child, took to Instagram to commemorate her brother’s birthday.

She shared endearing pictures of their younger years, capturing the moments they shared as siblings.

In one of the photos, Alexandre can be seen wearing an F.C. Barcelona football shirt.

Jazmin’s caption read, “10 years have flown by… Happy 20th Birthday to the most amazing little brother a big sister could ask for. Love you bro!”

A Glimpse of the Festivities

Nicole Coste, Alexandre’s mother, also joined in the online celebration by posting some snapshots of the birthday event on social media.

One of the images featured Prince Albert seated between his eldest son and Nicole, both wearing smiles.

The family chose an outdoor setting surrounded by greenery to enjoy their meal together.

A Missing Presence

Notably absent from the celebrations was Prince Albert’s wife, Princess Charlene.

Her absence, however, did not dampen the festive atmosphere as the family came together to honor Alexandre’s milestone.

A Royal Birthday Cake

The birthday celebration included a special cake that showcased the flag of Monaco, with its distinct red and white colors.

The cake also displayed the Coat of Arms of Monaco and the words “Happy Birthday Alexandre, 20 years.”‘

The culinary creation symbolized the royal heritage of the Grimaldi family.

A Unique Status

While Alexandre is Prince Albert’s eldest son, he is not in line for succession to the Monegasque throne due to his parents’ marital status at the time of his birth.

Prince Albert’s legitimate children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, hold that distinction.

Addressing Controversies

Alexandre recently addressed online trolls who have questioned his legitimacy.

In a candid interview, he expressed his frustration at being labeled “illegitimate” and clarified that his parents’ relationship was not adulterous.

He highlighted that his father acknowledged his paternity from his infancy and shared his appreciation for his father’s supportive and benevolent nature.

Embracing Identity

Alexandre has taken steps to embrace his family name of Grimaldi, encouraged by his father.

He emphasized the significance of bearing his father’s name and dismissed the term “illegitimate” as an inaccurate label.

Alexandre’s choice to use the Grimaldi name reflects his connection to his royal lineage.

Family Bonds

Despite living in different countries, Alexandre maintains strong relationships with his family members.

He described his mother, Nicole, as his rock, and expressed his affection for his older half-siblings from his mother’s previous marriage.

Alexandre and his siblings share a close bond, and he humorously mentioned that while he feels tenderness for his younger siblings, he doesn’t share their toys due to the age difference.

A Path Forward

Alexandre, who is pursuing studies in Business Management and English in the UK, has no immediate plans to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother, Grace Kelly, by pursuing a career in modeling.

However, he remains open to opportunities that align with his values and aspirations.

In summary, Jazmin Grimaldi’s heartfelt social media posts and the family’s warm celebrations marked Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste’s 20th birthday.

The occasion brought together family members, allowing them to share cherished memories and create new ones in the spirit of unity and joy.