Nigerian-American Sensation Davido Unearths Childhood Memories, Recalls Discovering Family’s Billionaire Status at 13

Davido’s Revelation: Uncovering Family Wealth at Age 13

In a recent statement, the renowned Nigerian-American singer and producer, Davido, candidly shared insights into his early life, expressing his unawareness of his family’s wealth until the age of thirteen.

A Father’s Discipline: Davido Speaks on His Dad’s Distinctive Traits

In an exclusive conversation, Davido shed light on his father’s disciplined nature, emphasizing, “All this talk about being rich, my dad is very disciplined.

He’s quite different; you can tell he’s a very disciplined man.”

Surprising Confession: “I Didn’t Know We Had Money Till I Was 13”

Contrary to popular assumptions, Davido revealed, “I didn’t know we had money till I was 13. Despite being a billionaire, my dad drove a Honda Accord, I’m telling you.”

Discovering Family Prosperity: The Bomb Blast Incident

Recalling the moment of revelation, Davido narrated, “Let me tell you how I found out. Something happened in Nigeria, in the area where we lived.

There was a mistake, like a bomb blast, and many houses got destroyed.”

Childhood Home Turmoil: From Bungalow to Sudden Departure

Davido continued the story, “Our first house, from my birth until around age 11, was a big compound with a bungalow. When that incident occurred, we had to leave immediately because the house got so messed up.”

Watch Davido’s Candid Reflection: Video Inside

For those interested in the full account and Davido’s candid reflections, the article features a video capturing the artist’s recounting of his childhood and the discovery of his family’s wealth.

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