Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 31, daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco, enjoys a Hollywood home, a $3M NYC apartment, and European trips with a $344,000 annual allowance from her father

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, 31, daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco, enjoys a Hollywood home, a $3M NYC apartment, and European trips with a $344,000 annual allowance from her father

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi The Royal Connection to Hollywood Stardom

As a bit part actress making her mark with a few TV appearances, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi’s life might be expected to mirror the struggles of aspiring performers.

However, Jazmin’s story takes a unique turn as she is the 31-year-old daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco, born out of the royal’s affair with Tamara Rotolo, a former waitress turned American estate agent.

A Lavish Lifestyle: Allegations and Allowances

Recent allegations by French publication Le Monde suggest that Prince Albert spends millions annually from a secret French bank account to support his former mistresses and love children.

Jazmin, along with her half-brother Alexandre Coste-Grimaldi, reportedly receives a substantial yearly allowance of $344,000 each.

Despite her budding career as an actress and musician, Jazmin lives a luxurious lifestyle, owning a $3 million apartment in New York and a stunning home in the Hollywood Hills.

Social Media Presence: Family Ties and Romantic Relationships

Jazmin openly celebrates her connection to the Monegasque family on social media.

She shares glimpses of her life, from lavish trips to Europe to celebrating birthdays with her half-siblings, Jacques and Gabriella.

Additionally, Jazmin’s Instagram features moments with her model-turned-musician boyfriend, Ian Mellencamp, John Mellencamp’s nephew.

Acting Career and Musical Pursuits

While her acting career is still in its infancy, Jazmin has taken on roles, including an uncredited part in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in 2019 and a role as Angie Bowie in the upcoming production The Chelsea Cowboy, starring Idris Elba.

Jazmin is also a musician with two singles, “Fearless” and “Thankful,” to her name.

Philanthropy: The Jazmin Fund

Beyond her entertainment career, Jazmin is involved in charity work.

In 2006, she established The Jazmin Fund, which supports people in villages across Fiji.

Notably, the fund provided assistance to Naidi village after a cyclone devastated the region in 2016.

Real Estate Ventures: Hollywood Hills and New York

Jazmin’s affluent lifestyle extends to real estate, with a reported $3.3 million home in the Hollywood Hills offering breathtaking views of the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

Additionally, Prince Albert gifted her a $3 million flat in New York when she turned 25.

Origin and Recognition: A Complicated Family History

Jazmin’s story has roots in a 1991 affair between her mother, Tamara, and Prince Albert during a vacation on the Cote D’Azur.

The birth of Jazmin was kept secret until 2006, when Prince Albert formally recognized her as his daughter.

Despite not being able to ascend to the throne, both Jazmin and Alexandre carry the Grimaldi name and can make financial claims upon Prince Albert’s death.

A Rekindled Relationship: Bonding with Family

Reflecting on her first meeting with Prince Albert at the age of 11, Jazmin expressed the importance of connecting with her father.

Despite the delayed introduction, their relationship has flourished.

Jazmin also shares a close bond with her half-brother Alexandre, evident in social media posts celebrating his 18th birthday.

A Family Portrait: Unveiling Connections

In a rare public moment, Prince Albert posed with his children from previous relationships, Jazmin and Alexandre, in a photo shared by his ex, Nicole.

This family portrait, taken in New York, provides a glimpse into the complex relationships within the royal family.

Jazmin’s Multifaceted Journey

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi’s life is a blend of royal connections, Hollywood stardom, philanthropy, and family bonds.

Despite the complexities of her background, she navigates the spotlight with a flourishing career, a lavish lifestyle, and a commitment to charitable endeavors.