Italian Man Confesses to Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend in Grisly Crime That Shocks Nation

Italian Man Confesses to Murdering Pregnant Girlfriend in Grisly Crime That Shocks Nation

In a harrowing courtroom revelation, Alessandro Impagnetiello, a 31-year-old Italian barman, confessed to the brutal murder of his seven-month-pregnant girlfriend, Giulia Tramontano.

This shocking case has captured the nation’s attention, shedding light on the tragic consequences of domestic violence and deceit.

The Brutal Crime

Impagnetiello admitted to stabbing Tramontano 37 times while she lay in the bath at their home in Milan. The crime occurred in May of the previous year, following a confrontation about his infidelity.

After committing the murder, Impagnetiello chillingly detailed how he watched a football match on his phone and later transported her body in the boot of his car to his mother’s house for lunch.

The Unfolding of Events

According to his court testimony, Impagnetiello had been involved with another woman, a British-Italian waitress, who had recently contacted Tramontano after discovering his double life.

The two women met on May 27, 2023, to discuss his deceit and mistreatment. CCTV footage captured their heartfelt embrace as they parted ways, unaware of the impending tragedy.

Pre-Meditation and Deception

The court revealed disturbing evidence of Impagnetiello’s premeditation. Six months before the murder, his internet search history showed he had researched the lethal dosage of poison and its effects on pregnant women.

Police discovered rat poison in his possession, which he claimed was for dealing with large rats in Milan. Further investigations suggested he had been dosing Tramontano with rat poison in an attempt to cause a miscarriage.

Confession and Court Proceedings

In his confession, Impagnetiello stated, “I killed Giulia Tramontano but I don’t know why. The number of stab wounds will always haunt me.”

He expressed a sense of confusion and regret, stating, “The person I was in that period is not the person I am today. This trial is helping me organize my scattered thoughts and confusing pieces.”

The Aftermath of the Murder

After the murder, Impagnetiello attempted to conceal his crime. He burned Tramontano’s body in a bath before hiding the remains in a garage and then a cellar.

He reported her missing to the police the following day and sent text messages from her phone to create the illusion that she had left him.

However, his deceit unraveled when his British lover received unusual messages from Tramontano’s phone, prompting her to alert the police.

The Investigation

The investigation into Tramontano’s disappearance quickly led back to Impagnetiello. Under police questioning, he broke down and revealed the location of her body.

His attempts to dispose of her personal effects and mislead investigators were futile, and he ultimately confessed to his grisly actions.

Legal Charges

Impagnetiello has been charged with aggravated voluntary homicide, concealing a body, and nonconsensual abortion.

He now faces rigorous questioning from prosecutors to explain the details of his crimes before a judge.

The Broader Impact

This case has highlighted the severe impact of domestic violence and the importance of addressing toxic relationships. Tramontano’s tragic death serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by many women in similar situations.

The Italian public and legal system are closely following the trial, seeking justice for Giulia Tramontano and her unborn child.


As the trial progresses, the details of Impagnetiello’s actions continue to shock and sadden those following the case.

His confession and the evidence presented paint a disturbing picture of premeditated violence and deceit.

The court’s judgment will not only seek to bring justice for Tramontano and her family but also underscore the necessity of combating domestic violence and protecting vulnerable individuals from such tragic fates.