Biden and Harris Launch ‘Black Voters for Biden-Harris’ in Philadelphia Amid Concerns Over Second Term

Biden and Harris Launch ‘Black Voters for Biden-Harris’ in Philadelphia Amid Concerns Over Second Term

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris visited Philadelphia to launch the ‘Black Voters for Biden-Harris’ campaign.

Amid recent polling that showed a decline in support from black voters compared to four years ago, the Democratic leaders aimed to galvanize this crucial demographic.

Biden, 81, faced questions about his ability to serve a full second term, to which he responded by questioning the reporter’s sanity.

The campaign event highlighted both leaders’ efforts to connect with black voters and address concerns about Biden’s age.

Biden’s Response to Age Concerns

During a press interaction, President Biden was asked if he would serve a full second term or hand over power to Vice President Harris.

Biden, who would be 86 at the end of a potential second term, dismissed the question with a pointed response, asking the reporter, “Are you OK? Are you alright?” This interaction underscored the ongoing concern among voters about Biden’s age and his recent hints at a future President Harris.

Harris Receives Enthusiastic Welcome

Upon arrival at Girard College, a predominantly black K-12 boarding school, Vice President Kamala Harris received a heroes’ welcome.

The schoolchildren in the stands cheered loudly as she was introduced, signaling strong support for the vice president.

Harris emphasized the critical role black voters played in the 2020 election and called for their continued support in 2024.

Harris’s Rally Speech

In her speech, Harris reminded the crowd of the significant contribution black voters made in the 2020 election.

“So in 2020, black voters in Philadelphia and across our nation helped President Biden and me win the White House,” she said.

“And in 2024, with your voice and your power, we will win again.” Harris praised Biden as a “fighter” and a leader who “keeps his promises,” reinforcing the administration’s commitment to fulfilling its pledges.

Biden’s Rally Speech: Promises Kept

President Biden followed Harris, stating his purpose for visiting Philadelphia was “to speak the truth.” He highlighted his administration’s accomplishments with the slogan “promises made, promises kept,” borrowing from Trump’s 2020 campaign motto.

Biden criticized Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing its disproportionate impact on black communities.

He mocked Trump for suggesting that injecting bleach could cure the virus, quipping that Trump’s behavior might indicate he had “injected a lot of bleach in himself.”

Historical Significance of Girard College

The choice of Girard College for the rally was significant. Originally a school for white male orphans, it was integrated after a lengthy legal battle following the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board decision. Biden recently met with Brown v. Board families at the White House, highlighting his administration’s ongoing commitment to civil rights and education.

Biden’s Previous Engagements with Black Voters

Earlier this month, Biden engaged with black voters in battleground states like Georgia and Michigan. He delivered a commencement address at Morehouse College in Atlanta, where he criticized Trump and his allies for not envisioning black Americans in the future of the country.

Biden’s remarks referenced the January 6 Capitol attack and the different treatment black Americans might have received in such a scenario.

In Michigan, he continued to challenge Trump’s rhetoric and actions, emphasizing the stark contrast between their visions for America.

Biden’s Critique of Trump

During the Philadelphia rally, Biden intensified his critique of Trump. He questioned what Trump would have done if the January 6 rioters had been black Americans and criticized Trump’s handling of racial issues.

Biden highlighted Trump’s history of divisive statements and actions, including the Central Park Five case and his response to George Floyd’s murder. He underscored the administration’s efforts to contrast their policies and values with those of Trump.

The Importance of Black Voter Support

Biden’s campaign recognizes the importance of bolstering support among black voters to secure victories in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia.

Recent polling indicated that Biden’s support among black voters in Pennsylvania has declined, making the engagement efforts in Philadelphia crucial for the Democratic ticket.


As the election campaign progresses, Biden and Harris are focused on strengthening their connection with black voters.

Their rally in Philadelphia aimed to address concerns, highlight their administration’s achievements, and draw a clear distinction between their leadership and Trump’s.

With the election approaching, the engagement of black voters will be pivotal in determining the outcome, making events like these essential for the Democratic campaign.

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