Investigation Unveils Shocking Medical Malpractice As British Beautician Donna Butterfield, 30, Dies Following Botched ‘Boob Job’ in Majorca Clinic

Investigation Unveils Shocking Medical Malpractice As British Beautician Donna Butterfield, 30, Dies Following Botched ‘Boob Job’ in Majorca Clinic

The tragic death of Donna Butterfield, a British woman, has thrust her story into the spotlight, sparking an international police investigation. Donna, a 30-year-old beauty entrepreneur from Wrexham, Clwyd, met her untimely demise following a botched £6,000 ‘boob job’ in Majorca. She was known for her successful hair extension business under the names ‘Donna Bee’ and ‘BeeWeavible’.

Medical Mishap and Heartbreaking Consequences

Donna had previously undergone a breast enlargement procedure with the same surgeon in Majorca. However, her recent surgery aimed to correct a slight imbalance. Unfortunately, the pre-operative consultations mainly occurred through WhatsApp messages, and the surgery took a fatal turn. Donna, who had a pre-existing heart condition, suffered a heart attack possibly due to an adverse reaction to the anesthesia. Despite efforts to save her, she passed away two weeks later.

Disturbing Revelations and Painful Vigil

Friends and family received conflicting accounts of the surgery from an ‘extremely nervous’ surgeon. Paramedics called to the clinic were shocked by the scene, reporting inadequate CPR. Donna’s loved ones, including her brother Darren, kept a vigil by her bedside in Majorca, hoping for her recovery. A crowdfunding appeal raised funds for her repatriation, but tragically, Donna never made it home.

Closure Amidst Grief

Following Donna’s death, her best friend Jenna Bagnall expressed gratitude for the support received. Despite the pain, Donna’s return to Wrexham brought some closure to her family and friends. However, their grief was compounded by revelations about the surgeon’s past.

Martial Arts Expert Turned Convicted Anaesthetist

The anaesthetist responsible for Donna’s surgery, Mateo Verd Vallespir, had a dark past. Serving prison time for the manslaughter of another patient, Fatima Cherkaoui, he faced new charges in connection with Donna’s death. Verd Vallespir’s criminal history included flouting medical bans and allowing unqualified staff to perform medical duties.

Legal Ramifications and Ongoing Investigations

Despite previous convictions, Verd Vallespir continued to operate, leading to tragic consequences. Investigations revealed irregularities in Donna’s surgery, including inadequate informed consent and language barriers. The involvement of a deceased surgeon and a suspected ‘helper’ added complexity to the case. However, the clinic’s current management remains uninvolved in any alleged wrongdoing.

Clinica Luz: A Beacon of Hope Shrouded in Tragedy

Clinica Luz, where Donna underwent surgery, stands amidst controversy. Despite its idyllic location and promises of personalized care, the clinic faced scrutiny following Donna’s death. While it remains operational, questions linger about its standards and practices.

A Call for Justice and Reform

Donna’s story highlights the need for stringent regulations and oversight in cosmetic surgery. Her untimely death serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with medical procedures. As investigations continue and legal proceedings unfold, her loved ones seek justice for her tragic loss.


The tragic death of Donna Butterfield sheds light on the dark realities of cosmetic surgery and medical malpractice. Amidst grief and legal proceedings, her story serves as a rallying cry for accountability and reform within the healthcare industry. As her loved ones mourn her loss, they vow to seek justice and prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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