Amy Howell, Endometriosis Warrior, Crowned Best Beautician in Wales at Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards

Amy Howell, Endometriosis Warrior, Crowned Best Beautician in Wales at Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Amy Howell, a determined young woman with a drive for success, has recently been recognized for her flourishing beauty business, which has earned her the title of the best beautician in Wales.


At just 21 years old and despite her battle with endometriosis, Amy has gone above and beyond to ensure the success of her business.

Victory at the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards

Amy’s hard work and dedication have paid off as she recently won the prestigious Wales Beautician of the Year award at the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards.

As the proud owner of Sylver Nails and Beauty located in Port Talbot, operating within Seven Hair & Body salon, Amy expressed her overwhelming emotions during the awards ceremony.

Surrounded by a crowd of 600 people applauding and cheering, hearing her business name called was an unforgettable moment.

Stepping onto the stage to receive the award and deliver a speech was a surreal experience for her.

From Pyle to Beauty Passion

Originally from Pyle, Bridgend, Amy’s journey into the beauty industry began in 2017 after completing her schooling.


Enrolling in a Beauty Therapy Level 2 course ignited her ambition and set her on the path to success.

In July 2018, after completing her course, she secured a part-time position at a local salon, initially working only on Saturdays.

Amy spent three years there until the temporary closure caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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A Turning Point: Seizing Opportunities

With more time on her hands due to the pandemic, Amy contemplated her future career progression.

She recalls, “We were finally able to work again in July 2020 with high restrictions for the salon.

We pushed through it, but I found myself losing joy and passion, feeling limited in my position.”

In September of that year, Amy was presented with an opportunity to “rent a room” at a brand new salon that was opening just 15 minutes away in Neath Port Talbot.

Leanne, a family member, provided her with the chance to explore the still-under-construction salon.


When Amy discovered the beauty room, she felt a mix of nervousness and excitement.

It was a blank canvas, and she saw great potential for her new, albeit unofficial, business.

Additionally, she gained access to a nail bar section within the salon’s hair department.

In November 2020, Amy officially launched her small business.

Enduring Challenges: Battling Endometriosis

Despite her natural drive, Amy’s journey has not been without challenges.

She has been grappling with endometriosis for several years, receiving an official diagnosis in February of this year.

This chronic condition presents various symptoms, including heavy or irregular periods, pain during menstruation, and spotting or bleeding between periods.

Amy acknowledges experiencing exhaustion lately but credits running her own business for allowing her to manage her time according to her physical condition.


Although pain sometimes prevents her from working, she is determined never to cancel appointments, as she never wants to disappoint her clients.

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Ups and Downs: Navigating Uncertainties

Starting her business brought forth a range of emotions for Amy.

She recalls feeling excited yet somewhat lost, faced with the unknowns of business progress and attracting new clients.

Their first December in operation was unforgettable, with considerable success leading up to Christmas.

However, the government’s decision to impose another lockdown left them shocked and uncertain about the future, as no reopening date was given.

Fortunately, Amy’s beauty business was able to resume operations from April 2021 and has been thriving since then.

With a fully booked schedule and a loyal clientele who have become friends, Amy is grateful for the support and positive atmosphere surrounding her.

Expanding the Business and Recognitions

In May 2022,


Amy found the perfect partner to expand her business.

A qualified beauty therapist, she now works part-time and manages her own clients.

Moving forward to 2023, Amy was announced as a finalist for the Wales Beautician of the Year award at the Welsh Hair and Beauty Awards.

Competing against nine other talented beauticians, including some previous finalists, she had doubts about winning the overall title.

However, surrounded by supportive individuals during the awards ceremony, Amy describes it as a positive and unforgettable experience.

Overcoming Challenges and Pursuing Dreams

Reflecting on her accomplishments over a five-year period, Amy feels immense pride in what she has achieved.

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Although her journey has been far from easy, she has persevered and proved her doubts wrong.

Her advice to other women affected by chronic illnesses is to never be afraid to pursue their dreams and strive for success.


Amy’s own story serves as a testament to the resilience and determination required to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable goals.

Looking Ahead: Collaborations and Creating Opportunities

As she envisions her future, Amy hopes to collaborate with other beauty businesses in the local area and establish a hub where multiple professionals can work together.

With her ambition and drive, there is no doubt that Amy Howell will continue to make waves in the beauty industry, inspiring others with her passion and determination.


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