Influencer Sparks Outrage with Proposal to Charge Extra Rent for USB Sockets in Property: Tenants Criticize ‘Unnecessary’ Feature

An influencer, known as @hewantswealth, has come under fire for suggesting that tenants should pay an additional £100 per month in rent for properties equipped with USB socket ports.

The content creator, who offers financial advice online to a following of 10,000, shared his proposal on March 28, triggering a wave of backlash from fellow renters.

Justification for Rent Hike

@hewantswealth defended his proposal by highlighting what he considers to be small but significant details that tenants would appreciate in a rental property.

He argued that the inclusion of USB sockets, as opposed to standard plug points, warrants a rent increase of £75-£100 per month.

Criticism and Opposition from Renters

However, many users on social media quickly criticized the influencer’s suggestion, dismissing the addition of USB sockets as unnecessary and impractical.

Some renters expressed disbelief at the notion of paying extra for such features, stating that they would prefer lower rent prices over minor amenities like USB ports.

Reactions to the Proposal

Responses to the influencer’s proposal ranged from incredulity to outright rejection. Several individuals ridiculed the idea of paying more for USB chargers in the wall, while others questioned the practicality of such a feature unless it was conveniently located near a table, sofa, or desk.

Comparison with Bizarre Rental Property in Australia

In a separate incident, prospective renters in Australia were amused by a rental property listing featuring a shower positioned in the kitchen of a single-room apartment.

The property, located in Enmore, Sydney, attracted attention for its unconventional layout, with the shower facing directly into the middle of the room, alongside kitchen appliances.

Social Media Reaction and Debate

Social media users shared their amusement and disbelief at the unusual layout of the rental property, questioning its legality and suitability for tenants.

The property sparked debate and humorous commentary online, highlighting the importance of practicality and convenience in rental accommodations.

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