Cruise Ship Cautions: Influencer Exposes the Unusual Items Banned on Board, Including Drones and Hair Appliances

In a recent YouTube video, Lucy Southerton, known for her Cruising as Crew social media accounts, delved into the surprising array of items officially banned on board cruise ships.

Despite many fantasizing about tropical cruises, Lucy outlined several items that passengers should be cautious about bringing aboard, especially on Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Forbidden Floating Devices

Lucy highlighted the prohibition of floating devices such as lilos or rubber rings due to limited pool space on cruise ships. While passengers can bring these items on board, they are not permitted for use in the ship’s pools.

However, she suggested bringing them for use during port visits to save on rental fees.

Appliances and Fire Hazards

While hair straighteners and curlers are allowed, passengers should exercise caution with other appliances like irons and steamers, which pose a fire risk.

Lucy shared her experience of attempting to bring a steamer on board, only to have it confiscated. She emphasized the importance of avoiding fire hazards, as fires at sea are a significant concern for cruise ship crew.

Drone Restrictions

Surprisingly, drones are permitted on board but cannot be used during the cruise or at private destinations.

Passengers can only use drones in generic ports of call, such as St. Thomas, once they are outside the ship.

Walkie Talkies and Baby Monitors

While Lucy admitted uncertainty regarding the ban on walkie talkies, she understood why baby monitors were prohibited.

She speculated that walkie talkies might interfere with ship operations, and baby monitors could be ineffective due to the ship’s layout and infrastructure.

Spreading Ashes at Sea

Lucy revealed the strict regulations surrounding the scattering of ashes at sea.

While permitted, passengers must adhere to guidelines, including using biodegradable urns and providing necessary certificates to guest services.

She recounted a humorous yet cautionary tale of a family inadvertently covering sunbathers with ashes due to improper scattering.