Former Governor’s Brother, Isaac Fayose, Makes Headlines: Forceful Eviction of Non-Paying Tenants in Abuja Amidst Rent Dispute

Landlord Isaac Fayose’s Bold Move: Forceful Eviction of Non-Paying Tenants in Abuja

Isaac Fayose, brother of former Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose, has garnered attention for his forceful eviction of tenants from his Abuja property.

The eviction, showcased in a video on Isaac’s Instagram page, unfolded due to the tenants’ accumulated three to four years of unpaid rent.

Rent Dispute Escalates: Isaac Fayose Shares Video of Drastic Eviction

In a bold move, Isaac Fayose shared a video capturing the eviction process, highlighting the tenants’ failure to settle their rent obligations.

The footage depicts men removing doors and roofs from the buildings as a response to the prolonged non-payment.

Tenant Woes: Unpaid Rent Becomes Basis for Forceful Eviction

Isaac Fayose expressed frustration in the video, revealing that the tenants not only owed substantial amounts in rent but also failed to respond to eviction notices.

The caption accompanying the video read, “Mumu tenants… U owing 4 years you still get mind to go to court.”

Abuja’s Special Intervention Squad Responds to Kidnapping Threats

In a separate development, the Special Intervention Squad (SIS) of the Nigeria Police Force took proactive measures to address the rising threat of kidnapping attacks in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The SIS launched a show of force exercise on Wednesday night to restore normalcy.

Police Force’s Effort to Restore Normalcy: Show of Force Exercise Unveiled

The Nigeria Police Force’s spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, announced the commencement of the SIS’s show of force exercise via an official X account tweet.

The operation aims to curb the recent surge in kidnapping incidents within the FCT, showcasing a commitment to enhancing security in the nation’s capital.

SIS Receives Positive Response: Residents Support Show of Force Exercise

Residents of the Federal Capital Territory welcomed the SIS’s efforts, expressing relief and optimism as the special intervention squad conducted the show of force exercise.

The operation is part of a broader initiative to address security concerns and ensure the safety of residents in the FCT.