Controversy Erupts as Portable Alleges Scheming Involving His Ex-Signee Young Duu and Carter Efe

Controversy Unfolds Portable, the controversial musician, has recently made strong allegations against Carter Efe, accusing him of trying to harm Portable’s music career by involving his ex-signee, Young Duu.

In a surprising turn of events, Portable had previously parted ways with Young Duu, considering him a liability.

However, Young Duu’s departure from Portable’s record label brought him unexpected fame and recognition.

The Rise of Young Duu Young

Duu’s exit from Portable’s label seemed to have propelled him into the spotlight. Various celebrities began approaching him with offers and deals, and he even received gifts from some well-known personalities.

The budding artist’s newfound popularity raised eyebrows and drew attention.

The Collaborative Song

Adding to the mix, Carter Efe and Young Duu collaborated on a song that gained momentum on streaming platforms. This collaboration further heightened Portable’s concerns and fueled his allegations against Carter Efe.

Portable’s Accusations

Portable is vehemently accusing Carter Efe of attempting to undermine his career by exploiting his former signee, Young Duu. He alleges that they are fully aware of his capability to release his own music and believe that by using Young Duu, they can divert attention away from his work.

Standing Firm

Portable insists that Young Duu is still his protege, and he remains adamant that his rivals are trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage. The controversy continues to unfold as fans and industry insiders weigh in on the allegations.