Music Drama Unfolds: Young Duu Accuses Record Label Boss Carter Efe of Song Theft and Betrayal

The Controversial Show Performance

Barely hours after the record label boss, Carter Efe, took the stage to singlehandedly perform the song ‘Oyinmo,’ originally released by both himself and Portable’s ex-signee, Young Duu, controversy erupted.

Attendees and netizens were left in shock as Carter Efe showcased the song without the presence of Young Duu.

Young Duu’s Frustration Unleashed

In response to the unexpected show performance, Young Duu expressed his frustration, feeling left out and abandoned in the musical equation.

He voiced his concerns about being excluded from the narrative surrounding the song ‘Oyinmo,’ a creation he claims to own.

Accusations of Betrayal and Exploitation

Young Duu did not mince words when accusing his former boss, Portable, of abandoning and ousting him from the music scene.

He lamented the alleged exploitation by Carter Efe, asserting that the record label boss took advantage of his situation and ripped him off.

The Ownership Dispute

“I’m the one who owned the song, I’ve been ripped; Someone else has taken over my song!” Young Duu proclaimed, shedding light on the ownership dispute that has emerged.

He accused Carter Efe of using industry tactics to claim the song as his own and performing it at shows without proper acknowledgment.

Carter Efe’s Dual Role: Comedian or Singer?

In a twist of events, Young Duu criticized Carter Efe’s dual role, branding him a comedian rather than a singer.

The frustration escalated as Young Duu questioned Carter Efe’s intentions, claiming that he consistently takes credit for the work of others behind the scenes.

Veiled Threats and Unspoken Details

While Young Duu stopped short of revealing all the details, he hinted at the unfair treatment he received from Carter Efe.

He cautioned against exposing everything but conveyed his disappointment in how he was treated by his former boss, emphasizing the need for fairness and justice.

Watch the Video

The controversy unfolds visually as a video captures the moment Carter Efe performs ‘Oyinmo’ at a show without Young Duu.

The video serves as evidence of the alleged song theft, amplifying the frustration and disappointment expressed by the budding singer.

Conclusion: A Call for Accountability

As the music drama unfolds, Young Duu’s accusations cast a shadow over the industry’s dynamics. The call for accountability resonates, urging a fair resolution to the ownership dispute and a reevaluation of the treatment artists receive within the realm of record labels.

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