Singer Portable Claims Percentage from Young Duu and Carter Efe’s Song Amidst Feud

Portable’s Accusations

Popular singer Portable has recently made strong accusations against Carter Efe, alleging that Efe is attempting to use his former signee, Young Duu, to hinder his music career.

The singer insists that he is entitled to a percentage from Young Duu and Efe’s collaborative song.

The Young Duu Saga

Young Duu, previously under Portable’s record label, had been released due to concerns about his impact on Portable’s career.

However, Young Duu’s departure from Portable’s label led to an unexpected rise in fame for the artist.

Rising Fame and Collaborations

Young Duu found himself in the spotlight, attracting attention from various celebrities and receiving offers and gifts.

In addition to his newfound recognition, Young Duu collaborated with Carter Efe on a song that gained popularity on streaming platforms.

Portable’s Outrage

Amidst these developments, Portable expressed his outrage at Carter Efe, accusing him of trying to sabotage his career by using Young Duu, whom Portable still considers his “boy.”

He claims that Efe and Young Duu aim to divert attention away from his upcoming album release.

The Battle for the Spotlight

Portable’s allegations highlight the competitive nature of the music industry, where artists are often in contention for the spotlight and recognition.

The dispute raises questions about loyalty, collaboration, and the pursuit of success in the music world.


The ongoing feud between Portable, Carter Efe, and Young Duu underscores the complexities of the music industry, where relationships can be strained, and artists are constantly navigating challenges and rivalries in their pursuit of fame and success.

The outcome of this dispute remains uncertain, but it serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of the entertainment business.

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