MohBad’s Wife Agrees to DNA Test Amidst Paternity Speculations

In the wake of Mohbad’s unfortunate passing, a cloud of uncertainty loomed over the paternity of his 5-month-old son, Liam.

Rumors began to circulate on social media, questioning whether the child, whom Mohbad had acknowledged before his death, was indeed his biological offspring or if the paternity lay with Sam Larry, one of the individuals who had reportedly mistreated Mohbad during his lifetime.

These speculations ignited a significant public response, with many demanding a DNA test to definitively establish the child’s true parentage.

In response to the mounting controversy, Mohbad’s wife has now addressed the situation. She revealed that, guided by her lawyer and sister, she had refrained from responding to the rumors and backlash until this point.

However, she expressed her readiness to undergo a DNA test to put these speculations to rest definitively.

She went on to emphasize that she had never engaged in an intimate relationship with Sam Larry and that Mohbad was the one who had taken her virginity.

She implored for assistance in navigating the process, stating, “Please help me, I’m ready for it. I have never had a physical conversation with Sam Larry in my life.

I only greet him whenever I see him. Mohbad got me deflowered. How do I go about it? I’m ready. It’s just people around me, especially my lawyer. Can you help me speak to my sister? I am ready.”

The responses from the public ranged from skepticism to empathy. Some questioned the need for further testing, while others encouraged transparency to clear any doubts.

The ongoing public debate highlights the complexity and sensitivity of the situation surrounding Mohbad’s paternity, with various perspectives and opinions in circulation.

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