Celebrities Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh Intervene in Mohbad’s Paternity Legal Battle Over DNA Test Conditions

Celebrities Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh Intervene in Mohbad’s Paternity Legal Battle Over DNA Test Conditions

Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh’s Involvement in Mohbad’s Paternity Case

Nigerian celebrities Iyabo Ojo and Tonto Dikeh have actively entered the fray surrounding the paternity case of the late singer Mohbad.

The focus is on the singer’s child, Liam, and the father, Joseph Aloba, who desires a DNA test. Iyabo Ojo disclosed that the situation is currently under the jurisdiction of legal professionals.

Legal Proceedings and Negotiations

Addressing the matter, Iyabo Ojo revealed that Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, has agreed to undergo the DNA test.

However, the negotiation terms are becoming a source of contention between Wunmi’s lawyers and Mohbad’s father’s legal representatives. The delay primarily stems from disagreements over the conditions set forth by both parties.

DNA Test Conditions

The singer’s wife, Wunmi, has specified that the DNA test must take place in America, with the expenses covered by her father-in-law.

On the other hand, Mohbad’s father, fervently seeking the DNA test, insists that Wunmi should finance his chosen venue for the test. The conflicting conditions have become a hindrance to the swift resolution of the paternity dispute.

Iyabo Ojo’s Perspective

Iyabo Ojo expressed that the complexity of meeting the mutually agreed conditions is causing a delay in the DNA test. Despite the challenges, she affirmed that Wunmi and her legal team are eager to proceed with the test.

Public Reactions and Criticisms

The unfolding events have prompted various reactions from the public. Some social media users assert that Wunmi should promptly conduct the DNA test to dispel any doubts.

Others criticize Iyabo Ojo’s statements, questioning the sense behind the ongoing discussions and urging a swift resolution. Meanwhile, skepticism is expressed about Wunmi’s intentions, with some suggesting that she might be hiding something by prolonging the DNA test process.

In the midst of public speculation and opinions, the paternity case continues, with legal representatives navigating the intricate negotiations surrounding the conditions of the DNA test. The outcome remains uncertain as the involved parties strive to reach a resolution.

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