How to Manage An Airbnb Remotely

How to Manage An Airbnb Remotely

Renting an Airbnb property for your vacation is a different story. But managing an already-owned Airbnb property is a completely different one. You, as a host, must take care of the house and provide the vacation rental sites with the right images of the property to attract more guests. 

However, if you live remotely, you can get more burdens than you can imagine. But let’s face it. After the Covid 19 pandemic, every sector has welcomed the work-from-home policy with open arms. So does Airbnb. So you can get all your work done if you live somewhere else from your Airbnb property. Let’s discuss some of the duties of the host living in a different place to maintain the Airbnb property. 

How Can A Host Manage An Airbnb Property? 

If you want to come up on the vacation rental site listing, you better focus on performance rather than earning more money or running a scam. Through this article, let’s find out what you can do to maintain your Airbnb property even if you live in a different place. 

Invest in Good Photography

Just because you do not live near your Airbnb property, you cannot let your property get the worst review on the vacation rental site. If that is the case, you must think about a little smart way of marketing. Invest in good photography. Hire a photographer who can provide the best images of your property. Also, ask the photographer to click images of your interior, surrounding area, well-maintained kitchen and bathroom. It would help if you exhibited your decorated sitting area. So, do not forget to click images of that too.

Once the photography is done and dusted, select the ones that provide the best visual impression and post them on the vacation rental site for listing. 

Provide The Guests with Smart Check-in Facility

Since you do not live near your Airbnb property, you cannot leave your home unlocked forever for the guests to come and leave it unlocked again. You can imagine what will happen to your property review then. However, you can easily help your guests to check out your property and check in if they finalise the same. 

Install a keypad or smart locks for the guests. The smart locks usually come with a multi-digit code. The guests can enter the code to check in on your property. You can hide the smart lock, or you can install that on the wall. Once the guests leave, do not forget to change the code for security. 

Hire A Team to Look After Your Property

As a host, you must have several responsibilities towards your property. You must also help the guests have a pleasant time while living on your property. So, you must focus on cleaning the property and checking if all the facilities are fine. It would help if you also managed their needs while focusing on their comfort and convenience. 

Of course, you cannot do all these while living far away. So, we suggest you hire a team to do that for you. The hired team can come by often and clean the property before the guests arrive. They can clean the space, see if the water pipes are in working order, and communicate with the guests about their needs. It is a great way to compensate for your absence. It can help you get good reviews on the vacation rental site. 


Airbnb properties are most trusted when renting one while on vacation. If you do not live near your Airbnb property and work remotely, you can compensate for that in various ways. We have discussed some of them above. If you intend to own an Airbnb property once, you can go through them.