Exclusive: Airbnb Squatter Elizabeth Hirschhorn Faces Legal Trouble Over Past Lawsuits

Exclusive: Airbnb Squatter Elizabeth Hirschhorn Faces Legal Trouble Over Past Lawsuits

Exclusive: Airbnb Squatter Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s Legal History Revealed

In an exclusive report, it has come to light that Elizabeth Hirschhorn, infamously known as the ‘tenant from hell’ for her prolonged stay in an Airbnb property, has a history of legal troubles, including a lawsuit related to a car accident that occurred two years prior.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com shed light on her litigious past.

Sued Over a Car Accident with No Supporting Evidence

In June 2019, Hirschhorn filed a lawsuit stemming from a July 2017 traffic accident in Los Angeles.

She sought damages from Jacqueline McMahon and Timothy Hayes, claiming injuries and substantial medical bills.

However, the couple countered her claims, stating that she failed to provide any substantiating evidence for her case.

The legal battle dragged on until March 2022 when the case was ultimately dismissed.

Parallel Legal Battles and Claims of Ill Health

Remarkably, Hirschhorn’s legal woes didn’t end there. Concurrently, she was involved in two other cases—a dispute in LA over an unpaid $19,000 AMEX credit card bill and another in Oakland where she refused to vacate a subletted two-bedroom cottage.

In both cases, she cited health issues and Covid-19 regulations as reasons for her actions.

The Oakland property owners, Brian and Gordon Bishop, found themselves entangled in a legal battle with Hirschhorn over her refusal to leave despite not paying rent.

Facing Fresh Legal Challenges

These revelations have far-reaching consequences for Hirschhorn, who is currently demanding $100,000 to vacate the Airbnb guesthouse owned by dentist Sascha Jovanovic.

Jovanovic’s lawyer intends to file a fresh appeal, pointing to the Oakland and AMEX cases as evidence of Hirschhorn acting in ‘bad faith.’

They plan to secure a judgment against her, evict her without compensation, and request sanctions for legal fees.

A Complex Legal History

Hirschhorn’s protracted legal battles have left her empty-handed. In the AMEX case, she was held responsible for the full $19,000 credit card bill plus costs.

Her stay in Jovanovic’s guesthouse, despite owing $60,000 in back rent, was granted by an LA judge who interpreted tenancy law in her favor.

A potential appeal against this decision is in the works, and there’s even consideration of pursuing a new case under civil racketeering laws due to her litigious history.

Conflicting Claims and Accusations

The legal drama surrounding Hirschhorn has given rise to conflicting claims and accusations.

Her lawyer insists she should be allowed to stay due to Jovanovic’s failure to obtain a permit for a guesthouse shower.

On the other hand, Jovanovic’s lawyer alleges harassment and disputes any agreement for a longer tenancy.

The two sides are locked in a battle of words, with accusations of false stories, facts, and documents flying back and forth.

The Uncertain Future of Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s Legal Battles

As Hirschhorn continues to hold her ground in the Airbnb guesthouse, her motives and intentions remain unclear.

While her legal battles seem to persist, the outcome remains uncertain, with the potential for further legal wrangling, evictions, and judgments looming large.

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