How to Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen?

A kitchen is a place where delicious food is prepared. Unfortunately, the aroma of food attracts many pests to the kitchen. Rodents, ants, cockroaches, wasps and many other pests invade homes in search of food. If your kitchen gives them ample food supply, they would love to increase the population inside your home. Different pests spread various kinds of diseases. Booking the best pest control Melbourne service should be a priority for the residence owners. But, the following pest-prevention tips can be great for keeping the nasty pests at bay: 

  • Block Entry Points 

Windows, cabinets, doors and all other entry points should be sealed properly. Holes, gaps and cracks should be fixed immediately. Rodents, wasps, ants, possums and many other pests can be prevented by covering the entry points. Make sure that you use hard material to block the path. Even the drain covers must be stuck properly. 

  • Empty Trash Bins Regularly 

Meat scraps, candy wrappers, beverage cans and whatnot can be there in a trash bin. The trash bin kept in your kitchen can be very pleasing to the pests. It is important to empty the garbage bins daily. When you leave the bins open and filled for a long time, many pests lay eggs there. They find the place cosy and moist. So, be careful when it comes to disposing of trash. 

  • Store Food Properly 

Do you keep expired food packages in the kitchen? Do you leave open food packets on the kitchen counter? Well, these small mistakes become the reason for pest infestation. Rats and ants are some pesky creatures that want a dirty kitchen to live in. Ensure that you store the edibles in air-tight containers. If you feel that the pest infestation has gone out of your control, hire the pest control Mickleham experts. They would use pesticides and non-chemical techniques to destroy the pests. With help of relevant tools and products, they would eradicate the pests quickly and with ease. 

  • Control Humidity 

Is termite ruining your kitchen furniture? High humidity levels can be a reason for the same. When water pipelines have leakages, the walls look wet. The area around the sink area remains wet when there are leakages in the faucets. To prevent pests, it is necessary to eliminate the sources that increase moisture. You can also keep a dehumidifier in the house to eliminate humidity in the air. 

  • Conduct Regular Inspections 

It is necessary to check the inventory after every few days. The inspections help you in determining pest infestation at an early stage. If you notice eggs or dander in a food container, immediately throw them. You can also implement the first in, first out rule in your kitchen. The items you purchased first should be exhausted first. Use this rule and keep the kitchen more organised and hygienic. 

  • Regular Cleaning 

Spider webs, cockroaches and ant trails indicate that your house is not clean enough. Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping must be done frequently to keep the cabinets and kitchen counter clean. Sometimes, the food particles that fall from your plate can attract tiny pests. So, make sure that every corner of the kitchen should be clean. 

  • Use Essential Oils 

Some essential oils like cinnamon, citronella, cedar wood, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and spearmint can be sprayed in the kitchen to repel the pests. Bed bugs, spiders, moths, wasps, mosquitoes and flies can be repelled with help of these oils. This is one of the best ways to prevent pests without harming them. 


For food safety and better health, it is imperative to keep the kitchen sanitised and clean all the time. Pest infestation contaminates food and affects health. You can always seek professional help. But, chemicals can only remove the existing pests. To prevent the recurrence of pests in the kitchen, you must consider the tips given above.  

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