Behind the Scenes at McDonald’s: What Really Happens in the Kitchen

A Peek into McDonald’s Kitchen

In a viral TikTok video, a user known as ‘Blexican’ takes viewers behind the scenes at McDonald’s, offering a glimpse into the kitchen and revealing how some of the fast-food giant’s popular items are prepared.

Unveiling McDonald’s Products

‘Blexican’ showcases various McDonald’s food products in her 16-second video. She highlights clear packages containing pre-made scrambled egg patties, round pancakes, and bags of egg-sausage-vegetable mix for burritos.

Her video aims to shed light on what these items look like before they are served to customers.

“Things McDonald’s Won’t Tell Y’all”

The video’s caption, “Things McDonald’s Won’t Tell Y’all,” underscores the intention to share insider knowledge about the fast-food industry.

Premade Food Revelation

In the video, ‘Blexican’ makes it clear that these food items come already made and that the workers’ role mainly involves warming them up.

This revelation sparks mixed reactions among viewers.

Mixed Reactions from Foodies

Viewers had a range of responses to ‘Blexican’s video. Some were not surprised by the premade and preheated food, highlighting that fast food is known for its speed and convenience.

Others made sarcastic remarks about celebrity chefs preparing meals in fast-food kitchens.

Questions About Wait Time

One customer raised concerns about the wait time despite the food being premade, prompting questions about the efficiency of service.

A Glimpse into McDonald’s Past

A former McDonald’s worker reminisced about how food prep at the chain used to involve making items like eggs, burrito mix, and hotcakes on-site.

Price Complaints and ‘Blexican’s Response

‘Blexican’ addressed complaints about McDonald’s prices, emphasizing that despite complaints, people would still patronize the restaurant.

She questioned the logic of complaining when customers would continue to eat there.

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