Lakeland: Unearthing the Ingenious Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

The Birth of a Domestic Heaven

Once known as Lakeland Plastics, this home shop, which now goes by the name Lakeland, has evolved from its modest beginnings.

Founded by Alan Rayner in the early 1960s, it began as a mail-order business specializing in selling plastic sheets and bags for agricultural and home freezing use.

Rayner started his venture from his garage in Windermere, Cumbria, and the transformation of his brainchild into a household name is nothing short of remarkable.

From Plastic Sheets to Kitchen Gadgets

Fast forward to 2023, and Lakeland has expanded beyond its plastic roots. It boasts a wide array of more than 4,000 quirky, yet brilliantly practical items, available across its 68 stores nationwide

. Notable figures such as Kirstie Allsopp and Mary Berry are among the many kitchen-savvy fans who have come to adore the store’s game-changing gizmos.

A Journey to Find the Perfect Gadget

The YOU team embarked on a mission to Lakeland’s Brent Cross branch in Northwest London, driven by the desire to uncover the kitchen gadgets that could potentially revolutionize their lives.

Amidst the rolling pin aisle and the allure of collapsible jelly molds, the team was introduced to Lakeland’s bestsellers.

Lakeland’s Bestsellers: Where Form Meets Function

Among the top-performing items are the 6.5-liter Searing Slow Cooker and the Dry:Soon Drying Pod, an electric clothes dryer with a unique appearance.

With a hint of humor, the Dry:Soon Drying Pod resembles a punchbag on legs.

The team also received an exclusive tip that an oversized air fryer is on the horizon, rumored to be capable of accommodating an entire roast.

Unearthing Life-Changing Innovations

As the team explored the shelves filled with ingenious gadgets, they each found their own “life-changing” discoveries.

From a mango splitter to Jar Busters (flexible spatulas designed to retrieve the last remnants of peanut butter), there was no shortage of inventive tools. Ultimately, it was the Oxo Good Grips Spiralize, Grate, and Slice Set that captured one team member’s heart.

This contraption, no larger than a small box, simplifies prep work and saves kitchen space by handling everything from cheddar to chocolate.

The SonicScrubber: A Cleaning Marvel

Deputy beauty editor Alice Robertson had done her homework and swiftly identified the SonicScrubber Cleaning Tool.

This tool, resembling a fusion of an electric toothbrush and a Soho shopping find, was an instant hit. It effortlessly reaches into the nooks and crannies where grime accumulates, making cleaning tasks much more satisfying.

Fresh and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Deputy picture editor Luisa Avietti chose the Fresh Stretch Silicone Onion Pod.

While it may not be a beauty winner, it excels at keeping leftover onions fresh and helps reduce the need for single-use plastic wrap, like clingfilm. A simple yet effective solution for eco-conscious consumers.

Crushing Garlic Hassle-Free

Fashion writer Stephanie Sofokleous was drawn to the Oxo Good Grips Garlic Press, a robust device capable of crushing multiple cloves simultaneously.

What sets it apart is a clever mechanism that eliminates the sticky garlic skin, making it a kitchen essential for garlic lovers.

Preserving the Fizz: Bubbly Bung Champagne Bottle Stopper

Social media editor Kanika Banwait chose the stainless steel Bubbly Bung Champagne Bottle Stopper to extend the shelf life of her bubbly beverages.

This gadget is the solution to the age-old practice of using a teaspoon to preserve carbonation in a partially consumed bottle. With this stylish stopper, Kanika elevates her preservation game.

The Story of Lakeland’s Evolution

Lakeland’s journey, dating back to 1964, is a remarkable story of transformation. From selling plastic bags and sheets for various purposes, the brand has expanded to become a go-to destination for ingenious kitchen gadgets and innovative solutions.

With 68 stores across the UK and a wide range of catalog offerings, Lakeland continues to evolve and inspire the modern home cook.

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