How to Prevent Wood Borer Infestation?

How to Prevent Wood Borer Infestation?

Did you notice holes in your furniture? Wood boring insects can be the reason for the same. These insects chew the wood and make their shelter in it. Once the borers enter your home, they can become destructive with time. A female borer has the capacity to lay around 100 eggs at one time. Also, the life span of the larvae of the borers can be up to four years. It is necessary to control the borers at an early stage. Professional pest control Thomastown service can be beneficial in preventing pests. Along with professional service, it is a wise idea to follow the borer-prevention tips: 

  • Eliminate Excess Moisture 

You would often notice a surge in the number of borers in the rainy season. During this time, the air remains a bit humid. Apart from seasonal changes, the leakages in the pipelines can keep a house moist. This moisture attracts borers. They lay their eggs on the furniture and give rise to many problems. Within a few days, the furniture becomes hollow. So, it is essential to keep the house dry. To ensure dryness, you can keep the timber wood in direct sunlight. 

Sunlight naturally kills the wood-boring beetles and makes the furniture dry. Maintaining proper ventilation in a house can also be helpful in air circulation. Lastly, installing a dehumidifier can be beneficial in controlling humidity. 

  • Kill Larvae 

People often use borer repelling sprays on the furniture and think that the borers will die. But, it is not possible. Killing a few borers would never resolve the problem. To break the life cycle of the borers, it is crucial to kill the larvae and eggs of the borers. Insect growth regulators are chemicals that are beneficial in controlling the population of borers. Confused about how to choose the insect growth regulators? You can hire pest control Whittlesea professionals. The experts know how to tackle the borers without harming anybody’s health, property or environment. 

Usually, the experts follow a particular procedure for borer control treatment. Firstly, they recognise the borer type, severity of infestation and number of objects that are damaged by borers. This inspection phase helps in making a solid treatment plan. 

Professionals make holes in furniture or other wooden and timber structures. They spray insecticides and leave the chemical for a few days to react. In the follow-up visit, pest control specialists can the result of the treatment. By treating the root cause, the experts protect your home and personal belongings from further damage. 

  • Borer Protection Fluids 

These days, anti-borer products are available in the market. This solvent can be painted or sprayed on the furniture. You can ask your carpenter to use borer-repelling solvent on the new furniture. This step would save your furniture for many years. 

  • Keep Garden Clean 

Wood borers can attack branches of trees. They can also spoil firewood, benches and other wooden or timber objects kept in the yard. To prevent the borers from causing damage at a large scale, it is necessary to remove the infected objects. The infected branches and other objects can be burnt. Next, you should always keep the borer-infected objects away from other objects. This segregation could restrict the damage from spreading. 

  • Don’t Store Firewood 

Strong firewood indoors can become a problem when your home is already vulnerable to borers. So, don’t keep the firewood stored for a long time inside your house. 


Wood borers pose a serious threat to wooden or timber objects. These pests chew wood and mix their saliva in it to create their nest. To control the larvae from spoiling the entire wood, it is important to take some prevention measures. If the borer infestation is severe, you should contact the borer control specialists soon.  


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