Nigerian Lady’s Phone Number Used for Unauthorized Transactions on Opay and Wema Bank

Victim’s Twitter Revelation

A Nigerian woman, identified as @Ladykhair1, took to Twitter to recount a distressing experience involving unauthorized transactions and notifications from Opay and Wema Bank, which she had not initiated or approved.

Uncovering Unauthorized Accounts and Transfers

Upon investigation, she discovered that her phone number had been utilized to create accounts with both Wema Bank and Opay. Shockingly, fraudulent transfers had been executed from her original bank account to these unauthorized accounts without her knowledge or consent.

Dismay Over Security Breach

Expressing disbelief, the victim voiced concerns regarding the apparent inefficacy of Opay and Wema Bank’s security measures. She highlighted the flaw in their verification processes, allowing fraudsters to bypass them undetected.

Heightened Discomfort and Unease

The victim expressed her discomfort, citing instances where she received messages and even birthday wishes from Wema Bank despite never having opened an account. Similarly, she discovered an Opay account linked to her phone number, intensifying her unease and distrust in the situation.

This incident underscores the vulnerability of personal information within financial institutions and raises serious questions about the effectiveness of their security protocols.

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