Wema Bank and Microsoft Launch NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program for Corps Members

Wema Bank and Microsoft Launch NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program for Corps Members

Wema Bank, in collaboration with Microsoft and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), introduces the groundbreaking NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program, aimed at equipping Nigerian youth with essential skills and resources for a successful transition into the workforce.

Available Courses for the NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024:

The program offers a diverse range of courses designed to meet the demands of both tech and non-tech career paths.

Participants have access to Microsoft learning content, providing comprehensive training that aligns with their career goals.

This initiative ensures that individuals are well-prepared for the dynamic job market, enhancing their employability and prospects.

Benefits of NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024:

Training by Wema Bank/Partner:

Participants receive specialized training from Wema Bank and its partners, gaining insights into in-demand skills that are crucial for success in various career fields.

Access to Finance and Markets:

The program provides continuous support, guiding participants through their journey by offering access to markets for showcasing their unique abilities.

This support aims to give them a significant head-start after completing their national youth service.

Job Placement/Career Fairs:

Corps Members are granted the opportunity to take recruitment tests without formal applications.

Additionally, they receive invitations to career fairs, benefit from employee readiness resources, receive tips on effective job hunting and interview techniques, and enjoy free CV rewriting services through the NYSC CV Jobs Portal.

Mentorship Sessions:

Participants are offered personalized mentorship from experts in their chosen fields.

Exclusive events, workshops, and resources are provided to strategically boost their career progression.

The NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program 2024 represents a collaborative effort between the banking sector, technology giant Microsoft, and a key government youth empowerment initiative.

This initiative goes beyond traditional academic learning, focusing on practical skills and mentorship to bridge the gap between education and employment.

The emphasis on job placement, career guidance, and financial support underscores the commitment to nurturing a new generation of skilled and empowered Nigerian youth.


As the NYSC-Alat Accelerator Program unfolds, it holds the promise of transforming the career trajectories of Nigerian youth, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and networks needed to thrive in the competitive job market.

The multi-faceted approach, combining training, mentorship, and financial support, sets a commendable precedent for collaborative efforts addressing youth unemployment and fostering economic growth.