Head of Prominent UK Business Testifies in High Court: Family Dispute Over £100 Million Owed

Head of Prominent UK Business Testifies in High Court: Family Dispute Over £100 Million Owed

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Aidan Barclay, the head of a major British business, has testified before a High Court judge, expressing his sympathy for the financial and marital difficulties faced by his 88-year-old uncle, Sir Frederick Barclay, and his aunt, Lady Hiroko Barclay.


However, Aidan Barclay stated that Sir Frederick’s failure to pay the £100 million he owes Lady Hiroko is not his personal concern.

His testimony took place during an ongoing legal battle between Sir Frederick and Lady Hiroko over financial matters.

Family Dispute Background:

In May 2021, Sir Jonathan Cohen, the judge overseeing the case in the Family Division of the High Court in London, ordered Sir Frederick to pay Lady Hiroko lump sums totaling £100 million following the breakdown of their 34-year marriage.

However, Sir Frederick has reportedly not fulfilled this obligation.

Sir Jonathan previously criticized Sir Frederick’s behavior during the litigation, describing it as “reprehensible.”

Lady Hiroko has accused Sir Frederick of contempt of court for failing to make the court-ordered payments.


Financial Constraints and Responsibility:

Sir Frederick has claimed that he has been unable to make the required payments because his nephews, Aidan and Howard Barclay, who now oversee the family business, control the funds.

He argued that a trust, which could provide him with the necessary funds, is being deprived of resources from the family business due to conflict.

Aidan Barclay, in his testimony, confirmed the family’s difficulties and adjustments but denied that the tap had been turned off in 2019.

He emphasized his attempts to negotiate a settlement between his uncle and aunt, expressing his concern for the well-being of the family members involved.

Family Business and Personal Matters:

Aidan Barclay clarified that Sir Frederick and his daughter, Amanda, possess trusts, assets, and income that are separate from the family business.

He distanced himself from the ongoing dispute, stating that it is not his issue or fight.

Aidan Barclay expressed regret over the situation, hoping for its resolution and the alleviation of tension within the family.


The testimony of Aidan Barclay in the High Court reveals the complex dynamics and challenges faced within a prominent family business.


The dispute between Sir Frederick and Lady Hiroko Barclay, along with the involvement of Aidan and Howard Barclay, highlights the intersection of personal and business matters.

The testimony reflects the strain and difficulties experienced within the family, compounded by financial obligations and conflicts of interest.

The case raises questions about the responsibilities and roles of family members in managing a business and the potential impact on personal relationships.

The judge’s assessment of the situation as desperate underscores the gravity of the matter at hand.

As the legal battle continues, the resolution of this dispute will likely have significant consequences for the family’s business interests and their relationships moving forward.


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