Aidan Barclay Testifies in High Court over Family Disputes and Financial Struggles

Aidan Barclay Testifies in High Court over Family Disputes and Financial Struggles

…By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Aidan Barclay, a prominent figure in a major British business, testified in the High Court, expressing his sympathy for the financial and marital troubles faced by his 88-year-old uncle, Sir Frederick Barclay, and aunt, Lady Hiroko Barclay.


Aidan Barclay clarified that the £100 million debt owed by Sir Frederick to Lady Hiroko was not his personal concern, although he felt sorry for the family’s predicament.

Family Dispute Background:

The testimony took place during an ongoing legal battle over financial matters between Sir Frederick and Lady Hiroko in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

In May 2021, Sir Jonathan Cohen ordered Sir Frederick to pay Lady Hiroko £100 million following the breakdown of their 34-year marriage.

However, it was revealed that the sum had not yet been paid, leading to allegations of contempt of court against Sir Frederick.

Responsibilities and Business Background:

Sir Frederick and his twin brother, Sir David Barclay, were renowned businessmen, with interests in the Telegraph Media Group and The Ritz hotel in London, among other ventures.

Sir David passed away in January 2021, and his sons, Aidan and Howard Barclay, have assumed day-to-day responsibility for the family’s group business.


The Barclay family also has connections to the Channel Islands and Monaco.

Aidan Barclay’s Testimony:

Aidan Barclay informed the judge that he had not spoken to Sir Frederick for several years.

He disputed the claim that funds had been cut off in 2019, stating that they had faced difficulties and had to readjust their operations.

Aidan Barclay expressed his desire for a resolution between his uncle and aunt, emphasizing that the ongoing family disputes were detrimental to everyone involved.

Business Challenges and Legal Support:

Aidan Barclay acknowledged the challenges faced by the Barclays’ business, which employs around 20,000 people and operates approximately 100 companies across different jurisdictions.

He highlighted the pressures and difficulties the business had experienced in recent years.

Additionally, Aidan Barclay stated that he had paid Sir Frederick’s legal bills and expressed his wish to avoid seeing an elderly man go to prison.


The testimony of Aidan Barclay sheds light on the complex family disputes and financial challenges faced by the Barclays.


It underscores the potential impact of such disputes on both personal relationships and business operations.

The ongoing legal battle raises questions about the management of family assets and the involvement of different family members in resolving financial conflicts.

Aidan Barclay’s concerns about the negative consequences for the family and his hope for a resolution highlight the emotional toll such disputes can take.

The judge’s decision to adjourn the hearing suggests that further legal deliberations will be necessary to reach a resolution.


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