Student Exposes Pastor’s Deceptive Miracle Scheme: Owed N100k for Fake Deafness

The Accusation Unveiled: Student Exposes Pastor’s Deceptive Miracle

A Nigerian lady takes to Facebook to accuse a pastor of owing her N100k after participating in a staged miracle, shedding light on the alleged unethical practices.

An Advance Payment for Deceit: Pastor Allegedly Promised Balance for Staged Miracle

The student claims that she received an advance payment of N100,000 from the pastor to feign deafness during a fake miracle, with the promise of receiving the remaining balance on the same day.

Frustration Mounts: Two Weeks Pass without Promised Balance

Despite her participation in the staged miracle, two weeks have passed, and the student has yet to receive the promised balance, leading to frustration and disappointment.

The Pastor’s Elusive Assistant: Dodging Accountability

The pastor’s personal assistant is said to avoid addressing the student’s concerns, claiming the pastor is too busy. The student expresses her frustration at the lack of communication.

A Student’s Struggle: Ethical Dilemma in Pursuit of Education

Acknowledging the ethical lapse in her actions, the student explains that she resorted to the staged miracle to meet the financial demands of her education, emphasizing her refusal to choose prostitution as an option.

Netizens React: Mixed Responses to the Scandal

The post sparks a variety of reactions from netizens, ranging from sympathy and advice to skepticism and suggestions of tagging the pastor for accountability.

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